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Map of Greece Thessalia Central Greece Sporades Islands Cyclades Islands NE Aegean Islands Peloponnese Saronic Islands Ionian Islands Dodecanese Islands Crete Island Macedonia Halkidiki
Greece Panorama
Greece Panorama
Greece Panorama
Map of Greece
You can click on any location on the map of Greece above and navigate in both Mainland Greece and the Greek Islands. By clicking on the destination of your choice on the Greece Map, you will be directed to its individual page, where you are provided with detailed information and a map of the area.
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Athens, Greece:
Athens: the capital of Greece is the cradle of the western civilization and birthplace of values and principles that are the basis of our society today. Seize the opportunity to visit the city where ancient features are complimented by modern characteristics, where west and east are fused to create a unique holiday spot: the one and only Athens.
Info about: Athens - Attica

Greek Islands arrow

Crete, Greece:
The island of Crete is a one-of-a-kind vacation destination in the south of Mainland Greece, settled between the Cretan Sea and the Libyan Sea. It is divided into 4 prefectures: Chania (Hania), Rethymnon (Rethymno), Heraklion (Iraklio) and Lassithi, where visitors can spend their leisure time swimming in crystal-clear waters, exploring the ancient sites, having fun at the nightlife venues and participating in a wide array of outdoor sports.

Cyclades Islands, Greece:
The magical Cyclades Islands cluster is famous for its endless beaches and traditional white-washed cubic houses that glimmer under the sun and contrast with the deep blue Aegean Sea. They are unique for the variety of distinctive features and guarantee that every visitor will find their dream holiday spot among them. Some of the islands we are providing info about are: Amorgos, Andros, Antiparos, Ios, Kea, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Serifos, Syros, Tinos

Dodecanese Islands, Greece:
The Dodecanese Islands are located in the Aegean Sea and are the southeastern most island cluster in Greece. They are impressive due to their sophisticated aura and their splendid multi-cultural features. Visitors will find there many areas of natural beauty, a number of worthwhile monuments, exquisite ancient sites and beautiful beaches with sparkling waters. The wonderful Dodecanese Islands are: Karpathos, Kos, Leros, Patmos, Rhodes (Rodos), Astypalea, Chalki, Kalymnos, Kassos, Kastelorizo, Lipsi, Nisyros, Symi and Tilos

Ionian Islands, Greece:
The Ionian Islands cluster is located off the western coast of Mainland Greece. They are famous for their stunning beaches which are ranked among the best in the world, cosmopolitan lifestyle, interesting monuments and artistic character. The Ionian Islands are Corfu (Kerkyra), Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Lefkada (Lefkas), Zakynthos (Zante), Ithaki, Kythira and Paxi.

NE Aegean Islands, Greece:
The NE Aegean Islands cluster is situated above the Dodecanese Islands, opposite the coast of Turkey. They are known for their forested hills and exquisite beaches providing guests with lovely natural settings and provide relaxing vacations. The NE Aegean Islands are: Hios (Chios), Lesvos, Samos, Agios Efstratios, Ikaria, Inousses, Limnos and Psara.

Saronic Islands, Greece:
The Saronic Islands cluster is a favourite holiday spot of the Athenians, as it is located off the coast of the Attica and the Peloponnese prefecture, just a short boat trip from Piraeus, the main port of Greece near Athens. The Saronic Islands are attractive due to their excellent beaches and superb ancient sites. The cluster is comprised of Aegina, Hydra, Spetses, Salamina, Agistri, Poros.

Sporades Islands, Greece:
Info about: The Sporades Islands are located opposite the shores of the prefecture of Magnissia, Greece, in the Aegean Sea. They are celebrated for their lush hillsides and golden, sandy beaches, which attract countless visitors every year. The Sporades Islands cluster is comprised of Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros.

Mainland Greece arrow

Halkidiki, Greece:
Located in the northern part of Greece is the amazing vacation resort of (Chalkidiki). Rich in natural beauty, it is a favourite of visitors from Greece and abroad. Halkidiki comprises of a mainland region and 3 peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithoniaand Mount Athos (Agio Oros). All 3 peninsulas have common characteristics, such as lush hillsides, dazzling sandy beaches, significant historical sites, and picturesque mountain and seaside villages.

Central Greece:
Apart from Athens and Greater Attica, the region of Central Greece includes many other wonderful locations. Evia Island and its capital Halkida are a short distance from Athens. The prefecture of Evrytania, and its capital Karpenissi are a favourite of winter sport lovers due to their excellent snow center. Fokida, is well-known for the ancient town of Delphi as well as the seaside resorts of Itea and Galaxidi. Visitors to Viotia can find Arachova, the most cosmopolitan ski resort in Greece situated at the foot of Mt. Parnassos.

Macedonia, Greece:
Macedonia is a large region in Northern Greece, comprised of 13 prefectures and is packed with marvelous vacation spots for both summer and winter holidays. The most famous places in Macedonia are Thessaloniki, which is the second largest city in Greece after Athens, and the popular tourist destination of Halkidiki (Chalkidiki).Info about: Halkidiki (Chalkidiki), Kavala & Thassos Island, Serres, Thessaloniki

Peloponnese, Greece:
Peloponnese is a region of great historical significance and stunning natural beauty with some of the loveliest landscapes in Greece. It appeals to both summer and winter travellers because of its magnificent beaches and impressive mountains. Peloponnese is divided into 7 prefectures: Achaia (Achaea), Arcadia (Arkadia), Argolida, Ilia (Elia), Corinth, Korinthia (Corinthia), Laconia (Lakonia), and Messinia.

Thessalia, Greece:
Thessalia (Thessaly) is a region in Mainland Greece comprised of 4 prefectures: the mountainous Karditsa and Trikala, Larissa, which is characterized by plains, a bit of shoreline, and the beautiful Tembi natural site, and lastly Magnesia, with its marvelous beaches and the Mt. Pilio snow center. Like many other regions in Greece, Thessalia offers wonderful winter and summer vacations.

Other Areas in Greece arrow

If you are traveling through Greece you may want to see the region of Epirus and Thrace, both of which are rich in natural and historical sites, scenic villages and superb beaches. In Epirus, an area on the western side of Greece, we recommend touring the prefectures of Ioannina, Thesprotia, Arta, and Preveza.

In Thrace, the northeastern part of Greece that borders with Turkey and Bulgaria, you can visit the prefectures of Evros, Xanthi and Rodopi, as well as the island of Samothraki, which is situated opposite the prefecture of Rodopi.

Winter Tourism in Greece arrow

Many areas in Greece are ideal resorts for winter holidays, as they offer quaint mountain villages that have comfortable rooms for rent and winter cabins, as well as fine winter sport centers with well-organized facilities. In the Trikala and Magnesia Prefectures of Thessaly are the Koziaka (Pertouli) and Pilio ski centers, respectively. In the Central Greece region are the Parnassos ski center in Arachova, Viotia and the Tymfristos ski center in Karpenissi, Evritania.

In the Achaia Prefecture of the Peloponnese is the wonderful Helmos ski center in Kalavrita, while in the Arcadia Prefecture of Peloponnese is the Mainalon ski center in Vytina. Northern Greece also offers a number of winter sports facilities, such as the Vernos ski center in Kastoria, the Vasilitsa ski center in Grevena, Vermion ski center in Naoussa and Voras (Kaimaktsalan) ski center in Arnissa, Edessa.

Chios Island
Corfu Island
Lesvos Island
Poros  Island

Greece is a country of great beauty and history, where thousands of visitors come every year to lie on breathtaking beaches, swim in sparkling waters and visit some of the most exquisite archaeological monuments in the world. Greeks are a hospitable people who are proud of their country and want to share its wonderful features with the rest of the world.

Below you can find useful information about hotels in Greece, car rentals, transportation and travelling to Greece, yacht rentals and cruising, as well as valuable tips that will facilitate your preparations and stay in Greece, concerning weather, currency, visa and passport issue and driving in Greece.

Greece Hotels
Greece Hotels
In Greece, visitors can find an endless array of hotels, rooms to let, studios, apartments, villas, traditional houses, suites and pensions, all of which offer comfortable accommodation to vacationers. Hotels in Athens, Greece, as well as in the Greek Islands and Mainland Greece, are abundant, ranging from budget and economy hotels to resorts, villas and luxury hotels in Greece. Vacation packages to Greece are an excellent solution for those who want to tour many parts of the country. The holiday packages offered by travel agencies in Greece often include hotel accommodation, excursions, car rentals and cruises to the Greek Islands.
Greece Car Rentals
Greece Car Rentals
If you want to truly experience Greece and its wonders, we recommend renting a car and touring the destinations of your choice. Just purchase a good map of Greece that includes historical and ancient sites, beaches and villages, and off you go on an unforgettable adventure in a safe and reliable rent a car. Every town and island in Greece offers a wide selection of car rental and motorbike rental agencies, making it easy for visitors to find the rental car of their choice in all regions of Greece.

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Transportation & Travel in Greece
Travel to Greece - Transport in Greece (Flights to Greece - Trains, Buses & Ferries in Greece)
Travelling to Greece is easy and convenient, as the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is one of the finest European airports, daily catering to hundreds of international flights to Greece from abroad, as well as a large number of domestic flights to the Greek Islands and many other towns on the mainland.
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If you are looking for cheap flights to Greece, you should book in advance, although some airlines offer last minute cheap airfares to Greece and the Greek Islands. Apart from budget airfares to Greece, many airline companies provide business class airfares and student airline tickets. Airfares fluctuate depending on the season and the time of booking.

Ferry boats are also a convenient way to travel to Greece. International ferries make trips between Italy and Greece. Ferries are the most common means of transport from Piraeus Port in Athens to the Greek Islands. Ferry departures are quite frequent, especially during the summer months when Greece is packed with tourists. Boat tickets range from cheap tourist class tickets to first class tickets with cabin rental. Many Greek Islands are directly connected by boat, making it easy for visitors to do a little bit of island hopping.

In Athens City, (as well as other big cities, such as Thessaloniki, Patras, Heraklion, etc) the public transportation network is excellent. In Athens there are numerous buses, trolley buses and tram cars that transport visitors close to the historical sites of the city. The Athens Metro Line and the Suburban Train Line are very efficient means of transportation that reach many urban and suburban areas. The Metro’s extended line also reaches the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. The KTEL Intercity Buses and the Intercity Trains are available to transport visitors to various areas in Attica and major cities throughout Greece.
Yacht Charter & Cruises in Greece
Greece Cruises - Greece Yacht Charter
Treat yourself to a unique experience and go sailing in the Greek Islands and the beautiful shores of Mainland Greece! Greece is the ideal place for sailing, as the surrounding seas are calm, the climate is mild and there are hundreds of coasts and coves that can only be accessed by boat. There are many Greece yacht charter companies that provide both bare boats and crewed yachts for sailing around Greece. Most Greek yacht charter companies offer luxury cruises to the Greek Islands.
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Greece Travel Tips
Greece Weather
Here are some useful tips about Greek weather, currency, regulations concerning passport and visa issue, as well as driving in Greece. Get informed and spend a carefree and unique experience in one of the hottest vacation destinations in the world!
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Greece Weather
The weather in Greece is temperate and typically Mediterranean, with the sun shining for most of the year. In the winters are quite mild and wet, while summers are dry and hot.

The difference in altitude in Greece means a varied Mediterranean-type climate. The high mountains and low seaside areas create major fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions. Mountainous regions often have snowfall in the winter and have therefore become popular winter holiday destinations. Attica and Eastern Greece are dry, while Northern and Western Greece are relatively wet and humid. Rainfall never lasts long in Greece and overcast skies are rare, even during winter and fall.

If you are visiting Greece in the summer, be sure to wear a hat and light clothing, apply sunblock and carry a bottle of water, especially if you are planning on doing some sightseeing at the monuments of Ancient Greece, as temperatures in summer can often reach the high 30’s (C˚). The weather in Greece during spring and fall is marvelous, with temperatures ranging from the high teens to the high 20’s, depending on the region. We recommend carrying a light jacket in the spring and fall evenings. For those planning on visiting Greece in the winter, they should have warm winter clothing, including a scarf, a hat and gloves to protect them from the chilly wind.

Euro Currency
The official currency of Greece is the Euro and its denominations. It is very easy to exchange currencies in Greece, as there is an infinite number of exchange booths in Athens and all major Greek cites. All banks and most hotels in Greece also offer exchange services. Feel free to use our currency exchange conversion page.

Greece Visas & Passports
EU citizens are not required to carry a passport, as long as they carry the proper Identification Card. Only UK citizens, are required to carry a passport, although all other entry conditions for EU nationals are applicable.

Citizens of the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and several South American nations need only a valid passport to stay in Greece for up to 90 days without a visa. Citizens of other countries are allowed to stay in Greece for 60 days without a visa. Extensions on the period of validity are issued by the proper authorities once an application has been submitted and an extension fee is paid. Evidence of means of support without employment or a bank statement must also be shown. It is illegal to stay in Greece with an expired visa and individuals that do so are subject to prosecution.

Greek authorities prohibit entry to those whose passport states that they have been to the occupied region of Northern Cyprus after November 1983.

Driving License
To drive in Greece you need a valid International Driver’s Permit, the cover of which is written in all European languages. The permit is an official driving document that can be used is most countries and is issued by certified travel associations. Always accompany the International Driver’s Permit with your regular driver’s license.

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