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Map of Kassandra, Chalkidiki (Halkidiki), Macedonia, Greece

Kassandra, Chalkidiki (Halkidiki), Macedonia, Greece

Kassandra, Chalkidiki (Halkidiki), Macedonia, Greece


The Kassandra Peninsula is the most popular region in Halkidiki, Greece located at close proximity to the city of Thessaloniki. It is considered one of the finest holiday destinations in Northern Greece, with a very well-developed tourist infrastructure that offers high quality accommodation in Kassandra Halkidiki hotels, rooms for rent, apartments and studios.

Visitors can choose from a plethora of Kassandra Halkidiki hotels, which range from luxury to budget hotels. Many Kassandra Halkidiki hotels are located in lush forested areas, next to the sea, providing a relaxing vacation environment. Families and large groups of friends are partial to Kassandra hotel apartments and studios, while couples and smaller groups usually select Kassandra hotel rooms and suites.

If you are looking for nighttime entertainment, then Kassandra Halkidiki, Greece is the place for you . Many of its settlements provide a wide range of restaurants, tavernas, cafes, bars and clubs for all types of visitors. Kassandra villages are some of the most picturesque in Greece, with green trees, cobblestone alleyways and traditional houses. Most Kassandra Halkidiki hotels are located next to entertainment and dining venues, making it extremely convenient for visitors.

The pride and joy of Kassandra Halkidiki is its lovely beaches, many of which offer soft, golden sands and blue sea that fuse with evergreen trees, creating idyllic scenery for a relaxing swim. If you plan on spending your vacation lying on the beach, soaking up the sun, we recommend choosing your accommodation from Kassandra hotels by the seaside that provide easy access to organized beaches and charming, secluded coves.

Other wonderful features of the prefecture are its lush forests and verdant hillsides that are ideal for exploration and nature walks. Sightseeing in Kassandra Halkidiki Greece is also excellent, as the area offers a wide variety of sites and monuments, beginning from ancient to modern times, including the Sanctuary of Poseidon in Possidi, the Ancient Settlement in Afitos, the ancient ruins in Polygyros, the castle and the canal in Potidea, the Sanctuary of Amon Dias in Kallithea, and many more. The majority of Kassandra Halkidiki hotels can provide guests with travel information on the most interesting sightseeing on the peninsula, and perhaps even equip them with a good Kassandra Halkidiki map.