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A useful travel guide to Milos - the island of Aphrodite

Milos Island is one of the most stunning islands in Greece, with a plethora of unique characteristics and wonderful sandy beaches that are embraced by unusual rocky formations and the deep blue Aegean Sea, many of which are considered the finest beaches in the Mediterranean region.

The island of Milos is a favourite vacation spot for all types of visitors. Couples are particularly fond of Milos Island, as they enjoy finding a secluded and quiet beach to admire the romantic sunset. Families prefer Milos, as it offers many beaches with shallow waters, a variety of well-organized tourist facilities and Milos hotels that cater to the specific needs of a family. Nature lovers prefer Milos because they can spend hours exploring the breathtaking beaches, coves, caverns and hillsides. Some visitors become so enchanted with the island, that they eventually buy a house in Milos, Greece.

The demand for accommodation on Milos Island is met with efficiency, a great many of Milos hotels, apartments, studios, suites, bungalows, villas and rooms for rent are available and satisfy even the most demanding visitor. There are many rooms and apartments in Adamas, Milos harbour, as well as a wide array of accommodation near Milos beaches and in the island's charming settlements, such as Achivadolimni, Tripiti, Agia Irini and Plaka. Visitors are also provided with a large number of other tourist facilities, including nightlife and dining venues, and Milos car rental agencies.

Milos Hotels - Milos Camping

On Milos Island, Greece, visitors are provided with a fine selection of accommodation for all tastes and needs, including Milos hotels, apartments, suites, studios and rooms, as well as Milos camping sites. Milos, Greece accommodation also covers all budgets, offering excellent Milos hotels for visitors of a wide range of financial resources.

Hotels in Milos, Greece have the benefit of offering accommodation to all kinds of visitors. Families can rent Milos apartments and villas, couples are provided with cosy rooms for rent and suites, while groups of friends can share a studio, a bungalow or an apartment located in one of Milos' beautiful settlements.

Many hotels in Milos offer superb views and easy access to the magnificent Milos beaches, tourist facilities, and nightlife and dining venues. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose the Milos hotel that best suits you taste. Camping on Milos Island is a fantastic experience, as the island has stunning settings for a variety of activities, fabulous weather conditions and extremely well-equipped camping sites.

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Milos Beaches

The island of Milos is most famous for its unique beaches with turquoise waters, which are surrounded by sand dunes and unusual colorful, rocky formations, creating idyllic settings. There are 60 Milos beaches, all of which are breathtaking and exotic. Many of beaches can be easily accessed. Others can be reached by difficult foot paths or by shimmying down ropes, and are usually less-crowded and frequented mainly by couples.

The most popular Milos beaches offer amazing natural sights. Sarakiniko is a lagoon with small sandy coves and white rocks. Kleftiko Beach, also known as "The Meteors of the Sea" has giant, white rocks, forming sea caves that are ideal for exploration. On Sykia Beach is the " Emerald Cave", whose ceiling has collapsed, creating openings where sunlight shines through and shimmers on the sea water. Firiplaka Beach is a splendid beach with fine sand and cliffs in the background. The Papafrangas Sea Cave offers bathers turquoise, pool-like waters.

Paleochori Beach is a very long stretch of sand with clear waters. Agia Kyriaki Beach is quite crowded, as it is a wide, sandy beach that is organized with sun beds and umbrellas. Tsigrado Beach is a small cove with white sand and azure waters, while the small beach of Gerontas has black-grey sand and is located in a stunning setting.

Milos family beaches are abundant. Agia Irini and Achivadolimni are long, sandy beaches with clear shallow waters. Provatas Beach is sandy and offers many facilities, while Apollonia Beach has soft sand, trees for shade and tourist facilities. All family beaches in Milos are easily accessed by car or on foot.

Milos Nightlife - Milos Restaurants - Milos Events

Milos nightlife is mainly for those who prefer a relaxing night gazing at the sea, while soft music plays in the background. In Plaka, Milos Island, there are many quaint tavernas, restaurants, cafes and quite bars to choose from. The concentration of exciting Milos nightlife venues are in Adamas, where you can find a plethora of restaurants, as well as cafes and bars with loud, popular music, where visitors dance all evening long.

If you have come to Milos to soak up the traditional Cycladic lifestyle, we suggest attending some of the wonderful Milos festivals and events. The Milos Festival takes place in Plaka during the summer months, offering a variety of cultural events and happenings. On July 17, the Festival of Agia Marina takes place in Achivadolimni, while on July 27, you can participate in the Festival of Agios Panteleimonas in Emboreios. On August 15, the popular Festival of the Panagia (Virgin Mary) is held in Adamas, including plenty of music and delicious local dishes. The most important Milos event is the Festival of Agios Ioannis Theologos in Provatas on September 26, with dancing and a feast of tasty delicacies.

Milos Sights & Attractions

Milos was once an island of great importance; a commercial and artistic center of the Cycladic civilization, where the world-famous Venus de Milo of Praxiteles was created and found years later in the depths of the ocean. Milos Island history is very rich, evidence of which can be seen in the island's amazing sights.

While vacationing here, buy a map of Milos Island and dedicate a couple days from your beach-going schedule to visit some of the excellent ancient and historical sights on the island. You can begin your tour from Plaka, Milos' capital town, where you can admire superb wood work and icons in the Cathedral of Panagia Korfiatissa and the Church of Panagia Thalassitria. Next, pay a visit to the ruins of the 13 th century castle, and lastly spend some time in the Archaeological, Folklore and Historical Museums of Milos Island.

In Adamas, Milos, visitors have the chance to see the beautiful Church of Agia Triada and its Ecclesiastical Museum, as well as the unique Mineral Museum. The small caverns in the area of Papafranga in Pachaina are exquisite. In Tripiti, visitors can explore the 2 nd century Roman Catacombs and the ancient theater ruins. The ancient settlement in Fylakopi, Milos is a fine example of history through the years, as it presents evidence of residence from a number of different eras, dating from 2300 BC. From the Aeolian Park near Achivadolimni, you are offered a stunning view of Milos Bay.

Milos Weather - Milos Climate

The weather in Milos provides a wonderful, mild climate for unforgettable holidays. Milos' climate is similar to that of the rest of the Cyclades Islands, as its summer are warm, dry and sunny and its winters are mild, although rain is a frequent phenomenon during the winter months. Spring and autumn have perfect weather conditions with warm sea waters, while the summers are wonderfully comfortable, as the northernly winds offer relief from the hot Aegean sun.

From January to March, temperatures in Milos are approximately 10C - 12C. April and May are splendid, as temperatures range around 15C and 20C. June, July, August and September, are fairly cool in comparison to many other areas in Greece, ranging from the low to the high 20s. As winter comes round, the weather in Milos worsens slightly and temperatures range from 10C to the high teens.

The northern Meltemi wind is the prevalent wind in the region and blows during July and August, offering excellent conditions for Milos Island yachting. Many beaches are sheltered from the wind, as they are located in small coves and bays.

Flights & Ferries to Milos

Transportation to the island of Milos is frequent, especially during the busy summer tourist season. There are direct flights to Milos from the Athens Airport all year long. Airfare to Milos depend upon the season, so your can find both pricy and low cost airline tickets to Milos. Student airfare to Milos as well as cheap air flights and discounted flights and budget airfares to Milos are frequently offered. Budget first class airfare to Milos is also available, catering mainly to business travellers.

Ferries to Milos Adamas Port depart from Athens ( Piraeus Port) and other Cyclades Islands, Dodecanese Islands and Crete. Ferry Boat and high speed boat fares to Milos depend on the time of year you are visiting this lovely island and the kind of vessel (the high speed boats take approximately 4 hours, while the regular ferry boats take about 6 hours to reach Milos Island, Greece. Fares are higher during summer, so book in advance to get low cost tickets to Milos