Viotia Prefecture
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Map of Viotia Prefecture, Central Greece  
 Viotia Prefecture, Central Greece
Viotia Prefecture, Central Greece
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Viotia, the inestimable treasure of Central Greece, prevails in dignity, among innumerable other magnificent regions of the gifted country of Greece. The non-identical prefecture of Viotia, located in the heart of Central Greece, borders with Attica on the east, Fhiotida and Fokida on the west, the Evoikos gulf on the north and the Corinthian gulf on the south. The prefecture of Viotia covers a wide area and has 134.100 inhabitants.

Your exploratory traveling through the pure natural beauty, the untamed land and the untrodden sites, as well as your wandering through the traditional and picturesque towns, villages and settlements that are interspersed all over the magnificent landscape, shall definitely impress you. The exquisite natural beauties and the human creations compose the irresistible appeal and the incomparable individuality of the prefecture of Viotia.

Livadia, the cosmic capital, shall be your starting point for an interesting journey among the very promising prefecture of Viotia. Thiva, Tanagra, Heronia, Aliartos, Distomo are a few of the settlements that are worth visiting in order to admire the sheer beauty and the archaeological value of the whole prefecture. However, the unrivaled center of attraction that the prefecture of Viotia has to present is the renowned settlement of Arahova.

Arahova is a mountainous hamlet famous for its weavings and the production of wine. Built at the foot of the mountain Parnassus, Arahova is a very scenic settlement full of narrow uphill alleys, stone built houses and a spectacular view to the lowland. Arahova is also considered to be one of the most ideal resorts for your winter vacations due to the fact that it is located at a close distance to Parnassus and has direct access to the most organized ski center of the greater region.

Combining both mountainous and seaside settlements, the prefecture of Viotia is an ideal destination for incarnating the summer or the winter vacations that you have always been dreaming about. The synthesis of grandeur that the impeccable prefecture of Viotia offers to every visitor shall definitely captivate you sight, your heart and your soul.