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 Achaia, Peloponnese
Achaia, Peloponnese
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Prefecture of Achaia

Book your transfer OnlineAchaia Greece: a land of contrasts waiting to be explored

Achaia is an interesting prefecture, which has a multilateral profile as it throbs with mountainous and coastal regions, as well as cosmic and secluded settlements that alternate, creating a magnificent icon and sense to the visitors.

The prefecture of Achaia belongs to the greater geographical district of Peloponnese and it borders with Corinthia in the east, with Arcadia in the south, with Elia in the northwest as well as with the gulf of Corinth and the gulf of Patras in the north. Achaia has approximately 300.000 inhabitants.

The city of Patras, which is the capital and port of the prefecture, is a transportation, commercial and tourist center of Peloponnese, the third largest city of Greece and at the same time possesses one of the biggest campuses in the country.

The prefecture of Achaia comprises of numerous towns, hamlets and villages, which are all very special. The Aegio, which is the second largest town of the prefecture, the historical and scenic town Kalavryta (Kalavrita) with the popular ski center, the cosmopolitan resort and transportation hub Rio, the coastal village Diakofto, Kalogria with the infinite sandy beach, the traditional mountainous village Zahlorou, the seaside village Akrata with the beautiful natural sites, are the most renowned settlements of the prefecture of Achaia.

Achaia, apart from being an ideal destination for your holidays, is also an important hub of the incoming tourism from Western Europe and you shouldn’t miss visiting it.

Achaia Greece Hotels

In Achaia Greece you can be lodged in a variety of accommodation types depending on the particular area you pick for your stay. You may opt for luxurious hotel resorts at the seaside areas of Achaia, rooms and apartments to let in every single settlement or village and if you visit the prefecture during winter months and decide to stay in one of the mountainous settlements you may opt for traditional pensions and rooms. Patras hotels offer accommodation not only to vacationers but also to business people, catering to their every need. Whichever type of accommodation you may opt for, it is certain that you will be welcomed by friendly staff and that you will enjoy a wonderful stay taking advantage of up-to-date facilities and first rate services.

Achaia Greece Beaches

Achaia Greece is a unique prefecture with plethora of beaches boasting crystal clear waters in both sandy and pebbly shores that charm visitors with the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. Thus, you can swim at the beaches of Patras, Aegio, Akrata, Alissos, Vrachneika, Diakofto, Kalogria which is one of the most beautiful Achaia beaches with an endless stretch of golden sand, water and beach sports facilities. Other beautiful beaches in famed seaside resorts are Kato Achaia, Lakopetra, Loggos and Psathopirgos. In Arachovitika there are hot springs, well known for their therapeutical properties.

Achaia Greece Nightlife & Events

Achaia Greece is renowned for its vibrant nightlife especially in Patras due to the inhabitants that enjoy entertainment and the great amount of university students that add to the city’s upbeat atmosphere. An unbelievable range of taverns, restaurants, bars, nightclubs clubs, cafés is available for visitors of all tastes, who need to spend many nights out in order to have a full view of the kind of entertainment Patras has to offer. Υou will definitely have numerous dining options in any mountainous or seaside area of the prefecture you find yourself at and you will be more than satisfied with the romantic seaside bars and restaurants that are rather frequented during summer months.

Achaia Prefecture is widely renowned for the Patras Carnival, one of the biggest events organized in Greece, where people around the country are gathered to have fun and celebrate carnival. A huge masquerader and float parade takes place the last weekend of the carnival when everybody has a wonderful time dancing, drinking and eating.

For those of you who cannot deny a glamorous night out, you may visit the Patras Casino at the suburb of Rio.

Achaia Greece Sightseeing

Patras, which is divided in the upper and the lower city (Ano Poli, Kato Poli), has a fine street planning, open squares, beautiful parks and interesting monuments. The squares Vasileos Georgiou and Vasilissis Olgas, the ruins of the medieval castle, the various churches, the spectacular site Psila Alonia and the important museums are worth seeing if you visit the city of Patras. The town of Aegio has an ancient settlement, an archaeological museum and traditional churches and monasteries to display, as well as the remains of the ancient town of Eliki, which sunk due to an earthquake during the 3rd century B.C.

From the scenic seaside village Diakofto you can take visit the historical town of Kalavryta (Kalavrita) on the cog-railway. This trip is a wonderful experience for everyone, as the train passes through the Vouraikos River canyon, which is truly majestic. At Kalavryta (Kalavrita), apart from the popular ski centre, you can visit the Cave Lakes with stalactites and stalagmites of exquisite beauty stretching around beautiful little ponds that spellbind all visitors.

Since Achaia is full of unique attractions that are definitely worth a visit, we suggest that you get a map of Achaia that will lead you through the wonderful experience of exploring the Achaia prefecture and provide you with a variety of travel information.

Achaia Greece Weather & Climate

The weather in Achaia Greece differs from one region to the other. During winter time, the weather is rather cold in mountainous areas with extended periods of rain and snowfall on mountain tops and slopes, making inland mountainous villages an ideal destination for winter breaks and holidays. The weather is milder at the rest of the prefecture during winter. In the summer, it is dry and warm at the prefecture, which is typical of the Mediterranean climate, while it is much cooler on the mountainous areas due to the mountain bulges.

How to Reach Achaia Greece

You can travel to Achaia by car via the National Highway, which is the ideal way to explore the whole of the prefecture at your own pace. The distance from Athens to Patras, the Achaean capital is 215 km and the route is rather picturesque. There are also very frequent intercity departures from Athens and Thessaloniki to Patras, as well as from other prefectures. Alternatively, you can travel to Patras by train and the trip lasts for approximately 3 ½ hours from Athens. Patras also possesses one of the biggest commercial ports in Greece from where there are ship departures to the Ionian Islands and the Ancona Port, Italy.