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Map of Corfu Island, Ionian Islands, Greece  
Corfu Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Corfu Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
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Corfu Island, Greece

Fabulous holidays on the Greek Island of culture and style!

The magical island of Corfu is located in the Ionian cluster, off the coast of Epirus, Greece. It is a land that combines a sophisticated atmosphere, verdant hillsides, sparkling blue waters and long sandy beaches. It is no wonder that it attracts thousands of visitors each year, all of whom agree that Corfu Island is the ultimate spot for either a Corfu singles vacation or for a Corfu family holiday.

Corfu Greece is truly a vacationers' paradise, as it has an excellent tourist infrastructure that includes nightlife venues, Corfu car rental agencies, travel agencies, and an endless selection of Corfu hotels, rooms for rent, apartments, studios, villas that will satisfy all types of visitors, from those who are looking for Corfu discount holidays to those who prefer luxury Corfu hotels and resorts.

The history of Corfu Greece is complex and eventful, making the island one of the prime destinations in Greece for sightseeing and cultural tours. Corfu is a blend of Greek, Venetian, British, French and Russian features, which create a most unusual and very attractive environment. While you are on your Corfu holiday, you will have the opportunity to explore traditional mountain villages, walk through the cantounia of Corfu Town and take a stroll along the beachfront of splendid seaside settlements. The Ionian waters are clean, calm and ideal for a variety of water sports, such as Corfu sailing and snorkelling, as well as day cruises around Corfu Island.

Corfu Town is the very picturesque capital and main port of Corfu Island, which exudes an aristocratic aura, making it immensely popular with visitors. Benitses, Corfu is a lovely seaside resort with a beautiful beach and lush hills. Glyfada and Agios Stefanos are located on the western coast of Corfu Island and boast long, sandy beaches and organized tourist facilities. Messonghi is a small port situated on a bay, with a splendid beach and many nightlife venues. While in Corfu, Greece, we also recommend visiting the villages of Paleokastritsa, Kassiopi, Moraitika, Roda and Sidari, Corfu.

To enjoy your holidays to the fullest, we suggest acquiring a map of Corfu Island Greece and a Corfu travel guide and to set off on a tour of the amazing beaches, sites and villages the island has to offer!

Corfu Greece Hotels

The island of Corfu Greece has an excellent tourist infrastructure, ensuring every visitor the Corfu hotels to suite their needs. The variety of Corfu hotels is astounding. Corfu luxury resorts and Corfu villas are available for those who prefer lavish hotel accommodations. For comfortable and stylish accommodations, Corfu apartments, studios and rooms for rent are provided. Budget Corfu accommodation, Greece is available at many Corfu hotels, making the island a wonderful holiday destination for all budgets and needs.

The finest hotels in Corfu are located in the beachfront resorts of Corfu Town, Agios Stefanos Avlioton, Tsaki-Benitses on the eastern side of the island, all of which offer a fabulous view of the Ionian Sea, as well as easy access to exquisite beaches and nightlife venues. Corfu Town hotels allow you to be in the middle of the hustle and the bustle. Agios Stefanos Avlioton hotels lie on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, while Benitses hotels are tucked away in lush green hills.

For more information about Corfu accommodation, including Corfu hotels, luxury hotel resorts, budget hotels, apartments, studios, suites, rooms to rent, and luxury villas in Corfu Town, Tsaki-Benitses and Agios Stefanos Avlioton, Corfu Island, click here.

Corfu Greece Beaches

Ιf your idea of a dream holiday is to lie on beautiful beaches and swim in clear waters, Corfu Greece is the place for you. It is the beloved vacation spot of sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts, because most beaches have soft sands and ideal weather conditions for windsurfing, waterskiing and other beach activities. Some beaches have rocky coves that are perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. The majority of Corfu beaches are organized to various degrees, and offer a variety of beach facilities, ranging from canteens and beach bars to restaurants and shops. Whatever your needs, you will be sure to find a suitable beach in Corfu, Greece.

If you want to stay away from the maddening crowd of Corfu Island and spend your days relaxing in quiet settings, we recommend the beaches of Agios Georgios Armenadon, Agios Spyridon, Agni, Arillas, Kalami, Kaminaki, Nissaki, and Peroulades on the northern side of Corfu, Gardenos and Molos Beaches on the southern coast of the island, and the beaches of Ermones, Paramonas and Pelekas on the western coast of Corfu, many of which are relatively organized. Mirtiotissa Beach caters mainly to nudists, as it is surrounded by cliffs that offer privacy to swimmers and sunbathers.

If you are spending a family holiday in Corfu Greece, you have an abundance of family beaches to choose from. Many Corfu beaches have shallow waters deepening gradually, and soft sand where children can play for hours. Corfu family holiday beaches are in Acharavi, Agios Georgios Armenadon, Agios Georgios Argyradon, Agios Gordios, Dassia, Kaminaki, Kavos, Kondokali and Sidari, Corfu.

Corfu Greece Nightlife & Events

Corfu is an extremely cosmopolitan island and one of the best features is its nightlife and entertainment. Corfu nightlife venues can be found all over the island, although most of them are concentrated in Corfu Town. The most popular meeting place is the Spianada Square, which is next to Liston Promenade, the best place for a cup of coffee, light snacks or a glass of ouzo while "people-watching". Throughout Corfu Town there is an abundance of clubs and bars, particularly along the coastal road. There is a large number of live music halls, clubs and bars not only in Corfu Town, but also in the settlements of Paleokastritsa, Messonghi, Benitses, Sidari, Dassia, Gouvia, and Glyfada.

If you are looking for a place to eat, you will not be disappointed. Corfu restaurants and tavernas are practically on every street, in every town and village, while many Corfu hotels have restaurants that serve delicious local dishes, as well. Your best bet would be to check out where the locals are eating and find yourself a table. We recommend trying the local dishes, including sofrito (beef strips with a white garlic and wine sauce), pastitsada (cock or beef in red sauce), bourdetto (fish in a red spicy sauce), savoro (fish in a white vinegar, garlic and spices sauce), country - made sausages and salami. For dessert you can have sweets, such as mandolato (sweet clusters made of sesame, almonds, honey, sugar and rosewater) and mandoles (roasted and caramelized almond clusters), and finish off the meal with a glass of liqueur made with the kumquat.

If you come to Corfu in Easter, you are in for a treat. It is not just a religious holiday, but a cultural event due to the simultaneous celebration of the believers of both Orthodox and Catholic faiths. On Good Friday, the re-enactment of the burial of Christ (called Epitafios) takes place, with the faithful carrying candles and following the funeral bier in the streets of Corfu Town. The Corfu Philharmonic Orchestra and various choirs participate in this entourage. On the morning of Holy Saturday, people throw pots from their balconies and windows. On the night of Holy Saturday the Catholic Church first holds service, which finishes before the Greek Orthodox service and the Resurrection of Christ, which takes place on Spianada Square, in the center of Corfu Town. At midnight, the bells chime and the celebration heats up, with orchestral music, singing and fireworks, as well as lots of eating and drinking! On Easter Sunday morning, the icon of the Resurrection is paraded through the town streets.

Carnival is also an exciting time in Corfu due to the island's unique celebration of the event. The Corfu Carnival pays tribute to Ancient Greek paganistic worship of the Olympian god Dionysos, as well as the Venetian carnival spirit, which makes it one of the most special carnivals in Greece.

Corfu Greece Sightseeing

The island of Corfu offers a plethora of historical sights from a variety of eras and cultures, so you will want to get hold of a reliable Corfu map before beginning your touring adventure. We recommend starting off your tour of the island in Corfu Town, we suggest visiting the Old Fortress, which is a stunning example of Venetian architecture, as well as the New Fortress of Corfu Town which will astound you. Liston Promenade and Spianada Square are an amalgam of French, Venetian and English architectural features, making the area ideal for nonchalant strolls.

The Church of Agios Spyridon is another main attraction in Corfu Town. It also offers a number of splendid museums, including the Corfu Archaeological Museum, the Bank Note Museum and the Museum of Asian Art (which is housed in the Palace of St. Michael and St. George), as well as the Dionysios Solomos Museum, devoted to the poet-author of the Greek National Anthem. From the Kanoni point, visitors are offered a breathtaking view of Pontikonissi Isle, which is located just off the coast of Corfu and is a favourite spot for a short excursion. Mon Repo Park is a lush area, with 19th century mansions, ideal for nature walks.

Apart from the Corfu Town Fortresses, the Achillion Palace is the most popular Corfu sight. Originally, it was the home of the Princess Elisabeth Von Witelsbath of Austria and later the summer residence of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Also worthwhile visiting on Corfu Island, Greece are the Panagia Monastery and the Aggelokastro Byzantine Fortress in Paleokastritsa, the Kaiser's Bridge and the Sea Museum in Benitses, and the Roman Baths in Acharavi. If you are a bit romatic, we recommend going to Loggas to admire one of the finest sunset views in Greece. From a geological point of view, the "Channel of Love" Beach in Sidari is quite unique, with sand dunes and argil clay.

Corfu Greece Weather & Climate

The weather in Corfu differs from the rest of the Greek Islands and Mainland Greece. While it is sunny, warm and dry in the summer, the winter months are characterized by a fair amount of rainfall and humidity, although they are quite mild as well. The humidity and rainfall are what make Corfu, and the rest of the Ionian Islands, lush with vegetation. As Corfu weather tends to be a little cooler than other regions of Greece, it is recommended that visitors have a light jacket handy in the evening.

The Ionian Islands are not affected by the Meltemi winds, as are the Cyclades and the Dodecanese Islands. In July and August, the prevailing wind is the Mistral, which is a calm, north-western wind.

How to Get to Corfu Greece

Getting to Corfu Island Greece is quite easy, either travelling by ferry boat or airplane. Ferries to Corfu Island depart from both Patras Port and Igoumenitsa Port, both of which can be reached from Athens by bus or rental car. From Patra Port, the trip to Corfu Port lasts approximately 8 hours and the Corfu Ferry Boat is comfortable, with many facilities. The trip from Igoumenitsa to Corfu Port is just 1 to 1 ½ hours, although the road trip is substantially longer, if you are coming from Southern Greece.

There are direct flights to Corfu Airport from Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, linking all major international airports with Corfu Island. From some countries, charter flights to the Corfu Airport "Ioannis Kapodistrias" are available. The prices of airplane tickets for Corfu flights depend on the season and the time of booking, making it possible to find cheap flights, if you book well in advance. Many airline companies offer special fares, especially during the off-season when you can book on a cheap flight, or easily arrange for a last minute flight to Corfu. Since the island is a major business center in Greece, several airlines provide business class airfares for flights to Corfu.

Corfu (Korfu or Kerkyra) is a large island, packed with many historical sites and stunning beaches. To get acquainted with the island, we suggest contacting a Corfu car rental agency to rent a car of your choice. For further information about car hire in Corfu (Korfu), click here to be directed to our Corfu Car Rentals page.

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