Ionian Islands
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Ionian Islands, Greece
Ionian Islands, Greece
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The Ionian Islands (Eptanissa), a dreamlike complex of lush, dazzling islands scattered all over the Ionian Sea, spreads indolently lengthwise of the western part of Greece and the south part of Peloponnese. At this endued with natural beauty island cluster, the idyllic, verdurous landscapes, the infinite, golden sandy coasts, the azure waters that lick the enigmatic caves, the bland climate and the hospitable atmosphere that the friendly inhabitants maintain, shall undoubtedly seduce you.

At the same time, the cultural heritage that is vividly reflected on all of the picturesque Ionian islands shall remind you the fact that through a prosperous course of ages, Eptanissa developed, especially in the field of art and letters, a remarkable intellectual culture. The visitors immediately trace, at every spot of every island, the intense influence of several factors, and simultaneously they become aware of how history blessed these unique islands.

The Island of Corfu will astound you with its aristocratic ambience and magic aura while you will be strolling around its narrow, pebbled, Venetian-like alleys feeling that you have travelled back in time. What is more, the exquisite beaches with the stretches of golden sand surrounded by lush cliffs and the dazzling refreshing waters shall undoubtedly steal your hear away.

This gifted island with some of the most photographed and famed beaches worldwide is expecting you to relish a one-of-a-lifetime holiday in one of its scenic settlements nearby picturesque sheltered ports or on verdant hills rewarding you with spectacular view of the sparkling Ionian Sea. Take advantage of the opportunity for a boat-ride in the Melissani Cave lake, relish local delicacies served in romantic restaurants by the sea and spend the holiday of your life on the unique island of Kefalonia.

If you are looking for a beautiful island for exotic-like holidays no further than the Ionian Sea, Lefkada is the vacation destination for you! Quaint little settlements where the traditional element prevails, verdant routes leading to silver and golden sand beaches and secluded, untainted coves approached only by caiques compose just a sample image of what you are really going to experience on the Island of Lefkada.

Zakynthos (Zante)
Zakynthos Island (Zante) provides visitors with a fusion of exciting and vibrant nightlife, breathtaking natural images of the marine life and beaches of extraordinary beaches with that of “Navagio” catching all glimpses and making you never let go of this paradise on earth. It is on Zakynthos Island that you can spend a unique holiday full of unprecedented experiences.

Paxos is a unique haven for travellers who are seeking of beautiful settings, amazing sugar white beaches, quaint harbors, beautiful people, and do many activities, such as scuba diving, yachting and walking for alternative vacations in a delightfully tranquil environment. Indeed the almost untouched island of Paxos will steal your heart away from the moment you step foot on it and make sure you take one of those boat trips to Antipaxos. You will give yourself the chance to swim in some of the beast beaches of the Ionian archipelago.

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