Spetses Island
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Map of Spetses Island, Saronic Islands, Greece  
Spetses Island, Saronic Islands, Greece

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  SPETSES Island

An overview for a vacation on an emerald paradise

In the land of gods, stretching lazily under the hot sun blazing down from a cloudless sky on the Aegean Sea, a small group of delightful islands still remains to be discovered. Among those relatively unspoilt and unknown places, the most extraordinary of all is certainly the fresh, well-wooded little holiday resort named Spetses, in the Saronic Gulf.

This tiny patch of green, riddled with dozens of sparkling little white churches presents a perfect contrast with its barren and desolated far-away neighbors, Paros or Delos, cut off in winter when the sea rises and the storm breaks. From early times, the development of a good network of communications by sea as well as by land, has turned the island into a travel nexus for people bound in different directions - West for Epidavros, North for Athens or East for the lonelier central Cyclades. Nevertheless, its real proximity to the capital - easily reached in a couple of hours by flying dolphin from Zea Marina - a cool and salubrious summer climate and a happy atmosphere, have made it, over the years, the favorite resort of those Athenians who rejoice in the island's civilized and contented grace.

Glimmering in a blaze of pure white light like an emerald carelessly thrown away from heaven into the crystal waters, the luscious island of Spetses is quietly waiting to seduce the imagination.

Accommodation in Spetses

The Island of Spetses with the prevailing cosmopolitan atmosphere is a lively vacation spot waiting for visitors all year round. Travelers visit Spetses and find accommodation in luxury hotels, charming studios and rooms which are roofed under elegantly preserved residences or even traditional, newly built constructions. All hotel units offer up to date facilities and thus accommodation in any of the Spetses beautiful spots is enjoyable and convenient, while staff and locals spare high standard services, genuine care and hospitality.

Where to Stay in Spetses

Spetses is a tiny island with its heart beating right in Spetses Town, lying in the eastern part of the island, boasting the renowned Dapia square, traditional mansions and historical residences, plethora of restaurants, cafes, atmospheric bars and shops with lovely pottery, model boats, jewels and traditional almond sweets. Visitors to the island pick one of the many hotel rooms, studios or mansions for their stay in the area of Spetses Town and thus have easy access to the Old Harbour and the historical attractions that the island takes pride in. Whatís more, in the west of the island the scenic tourist settlement of Agii Anargyri, offering a wonderful well-organised beach, is a place where you can seek accommodation in one of the remarkable hotel units located in the area.

Spetses Nightlife & Entertainment

As Spetses Island is an all around the year destination, it always preserves a vibrant atmosphere that enchants visitors. It provides excellent dining options in restaurants and traditional taverns, which serve unique local and Greek delicacies and concentrates a variety of clubs and atmospheric bars, satisfying all tastes and give off a sense of luxury and style. All entertainment venues and restaurants can be found not only in Spetses Town but also towards the Old Harbour, which wins the heart of all visitors.

Spetses is a pole of attraction for tourists during early-September due to the revival of the Spetses battleship the so-called ďArmataĒ, including the blowing up of a Turkish model flag-ship, as well as presentation of other events, performances and plays. It constitutes an original spectacle that should not be missed.

Spetses Sights & Attractions

Spetses Island possesses impressive historical and architectural treasures which make it a favourite vacation spot among tourists. The square of Dapia at the port, with the old emplacement where historical personas of the 1821 used to gather is a must see, as well as the mansion which belonged to Bouboulina -one of the greatest figures of the 1821 Revolution- and is now a museum hosting valuable heirlooms. You may also visit the Spetses museum with findings of past eras and interesting exhibits from the National Revolution.

All around Spestes Town admire the traditional residences, stroll around the pebbled squares to see the bustís of important figures, the impressive clock tower and whitewashed churches that are really worth a glimpse. At the Old Harbour, the islandís gem, you will be amazed by the compelling scenery and the romantic ambience, intensified by the lighthouse and giving the sense of being in past eras. A visit on Spestes is only complete when you take a ride on one of the traditional buggies.

Spetses Beaches

The little charming beaches and the beautiful coves scattered all around Spetses Island enthuse travelers and constitute one of the highlights of the island. The clear emerald waters and the amazing shores, many of which are surrounded by lush vegetation, give the sense of an earthly paradise. Some of the most popular beaches on the island are Agia Marina, Agii Anargyri, Agia Parakevi which offer water sports facilities and where you can find restaurants and snack bars. You can also try other wonderful beaches such as Kounoupitsa, Scholes, Agios Mamas, Batis close to Spetses Town, as well as the gorgeous Vrellos and Paradise beach in the north. The Coves of Zogeria and Xylokeriza offer wonderful beaches with turquoise waters that definitely worth a dive. You can tour Spetses beaches by caiques that depart from the main port, by bike or motorbike.

Spetses Weather

The weather in Spetses is in accordance to the Mediterranean climate which prevails in the whole of Greece. Winter months are always mild with little rainfall. The summer is dry and yet cool, due to the lush vegetation of the island, making it an ideal destination for pleasant holidays, as the temperature does not exceed 30oC. Good weather even until late-September or at times mid-October contributes to the liveliness of the island during autumn. If you are planning to visit Spetses in spring time you will enjoy sunny walks and outdoor activities in a warm environment, as temperatures range from mid-teens to mid-twenties.

Spetses Travel Info

The island of Spetses provides travelers the opportunity not only to reach it by sea but also approach it by car up to a point. For those of you who cherish boat journeys, there are departures to Spetses form Piraeus Port and the trip lasts for 4 hours. Alternatively, you may opt for a catamaran or hydrofoil, which make the trip around 2 hours and depart from Marina Zeas and Tzelepi Coast, in the area of Piraeus Port. If you are fond of beautiful routes among lush vegetation, you may want to drive to Costa Ermionidas, Argolida prefecture, from where you will be transferred to Spetses Port by sea-taxi, caique or ferry. The trip from Athens to Costa is approximately 3Ĺ hours and the distance from Costa to Spetses is only 1.5 miles. As private cars are not allowed on the island, all your transfers there can be made by bikes, motorbikes, buggies or buses.

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