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Map of Ios Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece  
Ios Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Ios Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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Welcome to the radiant and exciting Greek Island of Ios!

Ios is an island in the southern Cyclades cluster, well-known for its lively atmosphere, exciting lifestyle and attractive beaches. It is a holiday spot catering to all types of visitors, offering a variety of activities to participate in. Ios Greece has a reputation for being one of the hotspots for the young who desire endless fun and entertainment, although some parts are ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful place to relax.

Ios Island is a typical Cycladic island, with quaint whitewashed houses, winding alleyways and many churches having impressive blue domes. Indeed, some of these churches are the finest attractions on the island. We suggest purchasing a map of Ios Greece and taking a tour of the most popular churches and monuments on the island.

If you are a party-goer, Ios Greece is the place for you. Entertainment in Ios is non-stop, lasting throughout the day, and ending in the morning when most people are sleeping off the festivities from the previous night. Ios nightlife is comparable to the nightlife in Mykonos or Hersonissos Crete, so be prepared for some serious partying.

Ios, Greece is a popular getaway for those who love to spend time just laying in the sun on sandy beaches. Many people have their favorite Ios beach where they meet their friends, socialize at the beach bars and swim in the cool water.

There is a wide selection of accommodation in Ios, Greece so don't worry about being on a tight budget or traveling with your family. Ios accommodation caters to tourists of all kinds. Ios studios and rooms for rent for two to three people are abundant, while Ios hotels and apartments can accommodate larger groups of people.

Ios Hotels

While planning your holiday in Ios Greece, we recommend getting online to book the accommodation that is most suitable for your needs. In Ios visitors are provided with a fine selection of Ios hotels, apartments, studios and rooms to let. If you are coming with your significant other, or a friend or two, you should look for Ios studios and rooms for rent. Families and larger groups of people may prefer a comfortable Ios apartment.

Most villages in Ios Greece have a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea, making it a fantastic place to stay if you like to gaze at the deep blue waters from you hotel balcony. Ios hotels provide clean well-kept rooms and a variety of hotel services and facilities, according the hotel's class. If you want to be close to the entertainment and dining venues, we recommend reserving accommodation at the Ios hotels and Ios studios in the capital town.

Ios Greece Beaches

Many visitors of Ios are attracted to the island because of its breathtaking beaches and crystalline waters. Some Ios beaches are very popular and crowded with tanned bodies scattered on the golden sand. Other Ios beaches are less-frequented and are ideal for those who want a peaceful spot to relax in the sun.

Most of the popular beaches are equipped with chaise lounges and umbrellas for rent, while the quieter Ios beaches do not offer such facilities, so if you want shade, you should purchase your own beach umbrella.

Near Ios Town (Chora), you will find the much-frequented Ios beaches of Mylopotas, Yialos, and Manganari. Mylopotas, the most popular Ios beach, is a kilometre-long sandy beach lined with cafes, bars and restaurants. It is just a short bus ride from Ios Town. Yialos Beach is located a few hundred meters from the capital town and is famous for its white sand and sparkling water. At Yialos Beach there are a number of cafes and tavernas, and you can participate in a variety of water sports as well. Manganari is a lovely Ios beach on the southern coast of the island, which has 5 small coves with sandy and pebbly beaches. Water sports facilities and dining venues are available at Manganari Beach.

If you prefer quieter Ios Greece beaches during your stay, we suggest going to Koumbara, Psathi, Plakes, Kalamos and Agia Theodoti. Koumbara is the most peaceful beach near Ios Town, with soft sand and a beach bar. Psathi Beach is situated on the eastern side of Ios Island, and has deep blue waters and pristine sand. Plakes Beach and Kalamos beach, two very quiet beaches on the eastern coast of the island, are known for their clear water and fine golden sand. The azure waters and beautiful sand of Agia Theodoti Beach is the favourite Ios beach for those who seek a bit of privacy.

Ios Nightlife - Ios Party Life - Ios Festivals & Events

The Greek Island of Ios is one of the most famous vacation destinations for those who want to party day and night. The main concentration of Ios nightlife is located in the capital town, with hundreds of bars and cubs lining the narrow Cycladic-style alleyways. Ios party life is at its peak during the summer holiday season. Thousands of visitors from Greece and abroad come to the island to experience the world celebrated Ios party atmosphere. Ios party life starts off in the afternoon at the beach bars and continues to the wee hours of the morning.

On Ios Island, Greece you can also find a plethora of dining venues such as fast food restaurants and souvlaki stands, as well as traditional tavernas and restaurants, which serve local cuisine including dishes like stuffed artichokes, mytzithra cheese pies, beans and spinach, grilled octopus, stuffed squid, chick pea balls, and pastries such as kaltsounia (dough with sweet cheese, covered in honey and cinnamon) and almond sweets.

Apart from the modern lifestyle, Ios Greece retains much of its traditional charm and holds several island-style festivities. During the summer, you can attend a variety of cultural events at Odysseas Elytis Amphitheater, located on the top of the hill in Ios Town (Chora). On August 29, both Psathi village and Manganari village host celebrations in honor of Agios Ioannis, with music, food and dancing. A big festival is also held in Agia Theodoti on September 8, while there is a great festival at Paleokastro on June 24.

Ios Sights & Attractions

Although Ios Greece is most famous for its incomparable nightlife, it possesses some fine historical and religious attractions. We suggest acquiring a good map of Ios and starting your tour in Ios Town (Chora) with a visit to the impressive Cathedral of Ios to admire its lovely icons and its blue domes. Other beautiful churches in Ios Town include Agios Ioannis Prodromos, Agia Ekaterini, Panagia Gremiotissa and Agii Anargyri. The Medieval Castle Ruins and the windmills are also worth visiting. At the top of the Ios Town Hill is the Odysseas Elytis Amphitheater, which offers a stunning view of the island and the deep blue Aegean. If you are a museum-goer, you can visit the wonderful Archaeological Museum and the Modern Art Gallery.

In Agia Theodoti, Ios, we recommend making a stop at the village's church and the Roman Aquaducts, while in Yialos you can see the bust of Homer and the exquisite Prehistoric settlement on Skarkos Hill. Located atop a hill between the villages of Psathi and Agia Theodoti are the Paleokastro Castle Ruins.

Ios Weather - Ios Climate

Ios Island has a climate that is typical of the Cyclades Islands. Summers are quite warm, but the cool breeze makes Ios weather very pleasant. In spring and autumn Ios weather is cool and enjoyable, as rainfall is uncommon. Winter weather in Ios Greece is temperate and mild, with very little rainfall. Meltemi winds are common, especially during July and August.

The temperature in Ios Greece from January to March is rather nice for the season, ranging from 8C - 15C. Ios weather in April and May warms up considerably. Spring is one of the best seasons in Ios with temperatures ranging from 17C to the low 20's. Summer Ios weather is sunny and warm, with temperatures in the mid 20s to the low 30s. September and October remain quite pleasant in the low 20s, while November and December temperatures fall to around 10C.

Travel to Ios Greece - Ios Ferry Boats & High Speed Boats

Travelling to Ios Greece is quite simple. Ferry boats and high speed boats depart daily from the Piraeus Port in Athens and more routes are added to the departure schedule during the summer when thousands of visitors choose Ios as their holiday destination.

Ios ferry boat and high speed boat fares depend mainly on the season, as well as the time of booking. A ticket for a high speed boat is more expensive that a ticket for an Ios ferry, while transporting cars by ferry may put a big dent in your holiday budget. You might prefer to rent a car on Ios Island to tour the sights for a couple of days, rather than take your own car from Athens.

You will not find a flight to Ios, because the island does not have an airport. Many visitors take a flight to Santorini from Athens Airport and then catch a ferry to Ios Island, Greece.

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