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Map of Tinos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece  
Tinos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Tinos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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A complete guide to Tinos Island Greece: the laid-back, traditional Greek Island!

Tinos is a wonderful island in the Cyclades cluster, considered one of the up-and-coming vacation spots in Greece. What is most surprising about Tinos Greece, is that it possesses all the characteristics that visitors are looking for in a Greek Island holiday spot, without the hustle and bustle of the major tourist resorts.

On Tinos, you will find some of the most pristine beaches in the Cyclades, and very picturesque villages that are still active, even though the main concentration of commercial businesses are in Tinos Town. The island also possesses several wonderful natural areas, where fields of wild flowers, lush groves, and rugged hillsides are perfect places for nature walks.

Tinos is particularly famous for its Church of Panagia Evangelistria, where the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is displayed. Thousands of people from Greece and abroad come to Tinos Island to pray to the Virgin Mary to cure them of ailments or to ask for aid in a difficult situation. When visiting the island, you may see many pilgrims crawling on their hands and knees from Tinos Port to the church as a sign of devotion.

The island of Tinos is also world-famous for its art (mainly sculpture, painting and basket-weaving), as well as its architecture, particularly its intricately-decorated dovecots, marble and stone-brick houses, narrow alleyways and staircases, and marble signs. These features can be seen throughout the capital, Tinos Town, as well as in the villages, such as the mountainous Arnados, Dyo Choria, Agapi, Kambos, Isternia, Pyrgos, Koumaros, Xynara, Triandaros, Kardiani, the seaside villages of Kionia, Koumelas, Panormos, the amazing natural beauty of Volax, Komi, Loutra and Livada villages, and the holiday resort villages of Agios Romanos, Agios Sostis, Agios Ioannis Porto and Kolymbithra.

For your accommodation on Tinos Greece, there is an endless array of Tinos hotels, apartments, studios, and rooms for rent. If you would rather put the vacation planning in the hands of professionals, you can enquire at the Tinos Travel Agencies and the Tinos Car Rental Agencies. With such a well-developed tourist infrastructure, with hundreds of restaurants, tavernas, cafes, bars, shops and hotels in Tinos Town and other villages on the island, Tinos is sure to become your favourite vacation spot.

Tinos Hotels

Tinos Island offers a superb variety of hotels, allowing visitors to choose the Tinos hotel that is most suitable for their needs and budget.

Accommodation in Tinos Greece ranges from budget to luxury hotels. Luxury hotels in Tinos are ideal for those who want extra amenities and comfort. There is a good selection of spacious family hotels, studios and apartments on Tinos Island, which can accommodate 4 or more people.

Couples that have come to the island for a romantic holiday can choose from the many Tinos hotel rooms for rent, cosy studios and suites. Accommodation is available all over the island, so whether you are looking for a Tinos beach hotel or traditional accommodation in a mountain village, you will definitely find what you want.

Tinos Beaches

Along the attractive coastline of Tinos Island, visitors will find many stunning beaches where they can relax and bathe in the cool waters of the Aegean.

Most beaches in Tinos have soft sand, crystal-clear waters and idyllic natural settings. While Tinos beaches are relatively unknown, they are just as, if not more beautiful than other celebrated beaches in the Cyclades cluster.

Many Tinos beaches are well-organized and offer umbrellas, long chairs and water sports facilities. At least one cafe or restaurant is located nearby the majority of beaches. There are popular and less-frequented beaches on Tinos Island, however it is rare to find one that is packed.

Near Tinos Town (Chora), there are a number of wonderful beaches to choose from. Located southeast of Tinos Town is Agios Fokas, a long sandy beach, with a few trees, which is relatively quiet despite its proximity to the capital town. A bit further east is the breathtaking beach of Agios Sostis, with very clean waters, lots of trees and golden sand. Agios Sostis Beach is protected from the wind and has shallow waters, making it ideal for children. On the southeastern tip of Tinos is the beach of Agios Ioannis Porto, which is the beachfront of the popular holiday resort. It is a sandy beach, with trees for shade, umbrellas and long chairs, and shallow water perfect for small children.

Along the eastern coast of Tinos, going south to north, you will come across the quiet, golden sandy beach of Pachia Ammos and the peaceful beach of Lychnaftia. Both beaches have little or no facilities, so be sure to pack lunch and beverages. Located on the northeastern shore is Livada Bay, which has a quaint pebbly beach, deep clean waters, unique rocky surroundings and wonderful serenity. Further north is another lovely beach called Kolymbithra, which is one of the most popular and fully-organized Tinos beaches. In reality, the sandy stretch of Kolymbithra is two beaches. Travelling towards the northwest of the island, you will find the lovely beaches of Panormos and Rochari. Both of these Tinos beaches are sandy and offer a wide selection of facilities.

Along the western coast of Tinos there are some fine beaches where visitors can spend many relaxing hours swimming and sunbathing. Ysternia Bay, a splendid beach with both pebbles and sand, is protected from the wind, making it ideal for nonchalant swimming. Next to Ysternia Bay is Yiannaki Bay, a well-organized pebbly and sandy beach and one of the most idyllic spots on Tinos Island. Close by are the beaches of Kalyvia and Agios Petros, both of which are quiet, clean and perfect for those who want to avoid crowds. On the southwestern coast, we recommend the Tinos beach of Agios Romanos, a peaceful, sandy beach with azure waters situated at a close proximity to Tinos Town. Approaching the capital of Tinos, you will come across Kionia Beach, the most popular beach on the island, due to its proximity to Tinos Town, plethora of facilities and sheltered location. Stavros Beach is a quiet spot situated close to the capital and is a good alternative to the much-frequented beach of Kionia.

Tinos Nightlife - Tinos Events

Most of Tinos nightlife can be found in Tinos Town, as well as in Kionia. Tinos Town is packed with restaurants, tavernas, cafes, bars, clubs and live music halls. In Kionia, you can find many clubs and bars, while in Tinos villages, visitors are guaranteed a wonderful meal and a relaxing cup of coffee in the quaint tavernas and cafes. Holidays in Tinos aren't complete without trying the traditional cuisine of the island. The most popular dishes are "fourtalia" (omelette with sausage and other condements), "louza" (smoked pork), sun-dried tomatoes, a wide array of artichoke dishes, a variety of fresh grilled fish, and the pastries "Kserotigana" and "Psarakia".

Many events and traditional festivals are held in Tinos, offering visitors the chance to take part in the customs of the island. The most popular is, of course, the celebration of the Panagia Evangelistria on August 15, when thousands of pilgrims come to the island to pray at the magnificent church and to pay their respects to the icon of the Virgin Mary. On the same day, the Tinians pay tribute to the battleship "Elli", which was sunk by the Italian forces in 1940. On March 25, the festival of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary takes place, while on January 30, Tinians celebrate the anniversary of the day the miraculous icon was found. On July 23 in Arnados, you can participate in the festival that commemorates Agia Pelagia at the Kechrivouni Monastery. A great number of other festivals are held on the island, marking the name day of the various saints and their churches.

Tinos Sights & Attractions

During your visit to the island of Tinos Greece, we suggest spending a few days exploring and sightseeing. You can begin your tour of Tinos at the church of Panagia Evangelistria, the spectacular church in Tinos Town built in 1823, where people come to pray to the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. It is a fine example of ecclesiastical architecture, made of shining white marble. In the same area as the church of Panagia Evangelistria is the chapel of Evresis and the Mausoleum of the Victims of the sinking of the battleship "Elli". In Tinos Town, it is worthwhile visiting the Church of Taxiarchis, the Sacrarium, which includes a number of ecclesiastical artefacts, the Tinos Art Gallery, the Museum of Tinian Artists, and the Archaeological Museum. At the Building of the Foundation of Tinian Culture, a variety of events and exhibitions are held throughout the year.

Elsewhere on the island, we recommend visiting the Monastery of Kechrivouni in Arnados, which is the location that Agia Pelagia saw her vision that led to finding the icon of the Virgin Mary. In the village of Agapi, you can visit the Church of Panagia Vouniotissa and its miraculous icon, while in Ysternia you should make a stop at the Monastery of Katapoliani. There are several Catholic churches that you may want to visit, including the Panagia Vrysiotissa in Agios Romanos, the superb Monastery of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Koumaros and the wonderful Monastery of the Ursulines in Loutra. In Koumaros, we also suggest visiting the impressive site of Exomvourgo and admire the beautiful view of the island.

The island is a wonderful outdoor museum as well, with beautifully-designed dovecots, windmills, marble streets, sculptures, marble signs, quaint squares, and lovely churches. If you are interested in ancient monuments, you can visit the Hellenistic Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti in Kionia. If you like excursions and nature walks, Tinos is marvellous, with its charming villages, verdant plains, lovely sandy and pebbly beaches and hillsides with splendid views.

Tinos Weather - Tinos Climate

The climate of Tinos Greece is typically Mediterranean. It is characterized by dry and warm summers, and wet and mild winters. Tinos experiences short showers from autumn to early spring; rain cannot be contained on the island due to soil erosion and infertile mountainous terrain, thus visitors will see a number of dry walls throughout the island. There are though several beautiful fertile plains in Tinos, which are verdant with vegetation.

Tinos is a very windy island, making it one of the popular locations for windsurfing. The northern "Meltemi" wind is rather strong in the summer months, creating optimal conditions for the sport. Several Tinos beaches are sheltered from the wind and cater to sunbathing and swimming aficionados.

The weather in Tinos is most pleasant, even during the winter months, as the temperature seldom falls below 10C. From November to March, Tinos weather is windy and a little rainy, and temperatures range on average from 11,5C - 17C. Tinos temperatures are higher in April and May, ranging from 16,5C to 21C. Weather in Tinos during the summer months is quite warm. From June to September, temperatures range from the mid to high 20s. October weather in Tinos is still mild and enjoyable, with temperatures in low 20s.

Ferries to Tinos Greece

Reaching Tinos, Greece is a "piece of cake". Like the other islands in the Cyclades, Tinos is connected to Piraeus Port and Rafina Port by ferry boats and high speed boats. Hydrofoils and ferries also travel between Tinos Island and other Cyclades Islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Andros, Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Syros, etc. There are also frequent trips by ferry to Tinos from Crete, Thessaloniki and Volos. It is wise to book your tickets for a ferry to Tinos well in advance, especially if you are arriving around August 15, along with the thousands of pilgrims.

Tinos has no airport. However, you can fly to Mykonos and then take a high speed or ferry boat to Tinos, which takes less than an hour.