Fokida Prefecture
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Map of Fokida, Central Greece  
 Fokida, Central Greece
Fokida, Central Greece
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Prefecture of Fokida

The prefecture of Fokida stands in the center of Sterea Hellas (Central Greece) and at the south part it meets with the Corinthian Gulf. It is an almost entirely mountainous area with Mt. Giona reaching a height of 2,510 meters and the ending of the mountain chain Parnassos to the east, creating a heavenly place for hikers, mountaineers, skiers and all nature lovers.

In the largest of the few valleys of Fokida, stands the town of Amphissa, the capital of the prefecture. A beautiful town, 200 km from Athens, among vast olive plantations with breathtaking views of Mt. Elatos.

While Amphissa is situated in the vicinity of mountains, many other small but important towns have sprung out by the coast of Fokida. Communities such as Galaxidi with a great cultural and historical importance offering to the visitor the traditional side of Fokida, with its picturesque little harbour, the characteristic regional architecture seen in old mansions and the navy museum exhibiting the old tradition of building ships and boats.

A few km in the bay we meet Itea, the most important port in the area, presenting a high attraction for tourists with many beautiful beaches, such as Kirra and the majestic views of the green mountains meeting the waters of the Corinthian Gulf.

A special place in the prefecture of Fokida holds the ancient town of Delphi, thought of by the ancients Greeks as the center of the world. Today, it stills proves this title as it attracts many visitors from all over the world due to the historical remains and the beauty of the majestic view of the mountains and the sea underneath. The area is surrounded by ancient monuments and ruins of the oracle, the theater, the remains of the «treasures», the sacred spring Kastalia and the archaeological museum.

Other villages and small towns around Fokida is Aghia Efthimia, Eptalofos, Artotina, Gravia, Lidoriki, Desfina and Eratini.

Fokida has much more to offer. A wide range of elements that reflect the years that have passed, creating a proud history without changing the charm of the genuine Greek tradition.