Hios Island
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Map of Hios (Chios)  Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece  
 Hios (Chios)  Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece
 Hios (Chios)  Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece
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Hios belongs to the Northeastern Aegean Islands and it is located south of the island of Lesvos. It covers an area of 842 sq. km and is 153 nautical miles from Piraeus. It is the fragrant island of mastic, an historical island with medieval villages, Byzantine mansions and monasteries and ancient monuments. An island that has given us many important personalities of Greece and is known for its festivals full of tradition, history and culture.

The island was first inhabited during the Neolithic Age, around 4000 BC and according to Greek mythology it got its name by Hios, the son of Poseidon or Oceanus. This island, which is also considered to be the birthplace of Homer, reached great cultural heights, during the 18th century.

Its capital is Hios or Hora, which is also the main port of the island. The visitor can admire the beautiful houses, wander around the busy streets, the market, the port or the square and pass by the Byzantine Castle with Kara Ali's marble tomb. Other places of interest in the capital are the Korai Libray, the Archaeological Museum and several other cultural exhibitions.

Spread all over the island are medieval villages, many of which are excellently built, such as Pyrgi, an architectural painting. The inhabitants, both merchants and philosophers, are known for their hospitality and their warmth. You can experience wonderful moments while traveling around Anemona, Kabohora, Volissos, Vrontados, Karfas, Kardamyla, Mesta, Karyes and Kalamoti.

Hios is blessed with many natural beauties and its versatile landscape is a heaven for all those who love sports. You can enjoy swimming and other water sports at its clean beaches at Agia Markela, Limia, Komi, Kalimassia, Lilikas and Emporios.

This island is ideal for those who desire a family vacation during all seasons, those who seek an ecological journey to a natural spot in Greece and those who look for a chance to learn a lot about Greece in one visit. Hios is filled with all the things that will make your holidays a wonderful experience. It will accompany your most beautiful memories with a lovely fragrant, traveling with you in the air.