Saronic Islands
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Saronic Islands, Greece
Saronic Islands, Greece
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Among the magnificent island clusters that are outspread all over the Greek seas and embellish the country in a bedazzling manner, the small but beautiful Saronic Islands cluster predominates mainly due to the fact that it is situated at a close distance from the capital of Greece and therefore it is considered to be an ideal resort for long-term vacations as well as for a weekend escapade.

The cluster of the Saronic Islands cluster is located in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, which is situated between the prefecture of Attica and the eastern side of the geographical district of the Peloponnese, and comprises of the following exquisite islands: Angistri, Aegina, Poros, Salamina, Spetses and Hydra.

The Saronic Islands have an important history and an interesting tradition of many centuries, as they were inhabited from the prehistoric era, during which they were greatly developed.

Their acme continued during the oncoming years, especially in the field of commerce and shipping, but it was bound when Athens became the major shipping leader after the Persian Wars. The Macedonians and the Romans conquered the Saronic Islands, while during the Byzantine era pirates were constantly invading the islands. However, their contribution to the Greek Revolution in 1821 was of ultimate importance.

The verdant island of Angistri with the crystal clear beaches, the much-frequented island of Aegina with the picturesque settlements, the famous for its therapy spa islands of Methana, the exceptionally noble island of Poros with the unique natural beauty and the fine tourist substructure, the historical island of Salamina, which pulses with impressive sites, the non-identical island of Spetses with the beautiful gigs and finally the cosmopolitan island of Hydra which has been declared scheduled, compose the irresistibly attractive icon of the Saronic Islands cluster.

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