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Antiparos Greece Travel Guide - Antiparos Hotels, Map of Antiparos Island

Map of Antiparos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece  
Antiparos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Antiparos Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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For total relaxation and reflection, come to Antiparos Island, Greece!

The island of Antiparos is an extremely charming place for a memorable vacation. Located opposite Paros Island, Antiparos is a favourite holiday spot for those who want to experience the charm of the Cyclades in a serene and calming environment.

Antiparos is a relatively small island that is famous for its friendly inhabitants and superb hospitality. Its beaches are breathtaking, as many are located in small coves and have soft, golden sands. The island of Antiparos is celebrated for its exquisite cave, which is visited by thousands of people every year. The cave's impressive stalagmites and stalactites are some of the finest in Greece.

Antiparos retains much of its traditional features, white-washed houses, narrow alleyways and purple vokamvilia flowers, and at the same time provides all the necessary tourist comforts and facilities. Antiparos hotels, apartments, studios, rooms for rent and villas are plentiful, entertainment and dining venues for all tastes are available, and there are several car rental and tour agencies that can handle the travel needs of visitors.

Antiparos' proximity to Paros make it the ideal spot to relax after an exciting but tiring time partying. A large number of visitors spend their vacations on both islands, combining both an active and a peaceful time.

Antiparos Hotels

Have you decided to come to Antiparos Greece for your vacation? If so, you don't need to worry about accommodation. Antiparos Island is the ideal holiday spot for all types of visitors, from families to couples, and Antiparos hotels cater to all needs and tastes. Lodging ranges from Antiparos luxury villas to Antiparos camping sites.

You also have your choice of Antiparos hotels, apartments, rooms and studios. Larger groups may prefer an Antiparos luxury villa to an Antiparos hotel or room for rent. Couples vacationing on the island usually select a nice Antiparos hotel room or studio. Familes are rather partial to Antiparos villas and apartments.

Most accommodation is located in Antiparos Town, which is also the main port of the island. Some Antiparos hotels focus on offering traditional-style accommodation with very personal service. Others are more resort-oriented and cater to those who prefer lavish hotel facilities such as an Antiparos luxury villa. Camping in Antiparos is ideal for those who want to “get in touch” with nature and require simpler accommodations.

To find the Antiparos hotel accommodation of your choice, you may want to book in advance, especially if you are planning your holiday during the peak tourist season of July and August.

Antiparos Beaches

The island of Antiparos Greece is the perfect location for visitors who want to bask in the Aegean sun and bathe in cool waters. If you are staying in an Antiparos hotel near the main town, you can swim at a number of wonderful beaches that you can reach on foot. Equip yourself with a good map of Antiparos Greece and get ready for some serious relaxation!

Southeast of Antiparos Town are Psaralyki Beach I and Psaralyki Beach II, which are long stretches of sand sheltered from strong winds. Both these Antiparos beaches have shallow waters, chaise longues for hire and trees that provide shade. Psaralyki Beach II is frequented by both nudists and non-nudists, and has a couple of tavernas and bars. A bit further south you will come across the Antiparos beaches of Panagia and Glyfa.

The beaches of Apandima, Soros and Agios Georgios are situated on the southern coast of Antiparos ; the latter two are particularly beautiful. On the western side of Antiparos is the beach of Livadia that is situated on a lovely bay.

We recommend purchasing a map of Antiparos Greece to find the way to each beach. Some are accessible on foot, others require a car and a couple of them can be reached only by boat.

Antiparos Nightlife - Antiparos Events

While Antiparos is known as a peaceful island for relaxing vacations, you won't be disappointed with the Antiparos nightlife. All along the beachfront there are many quaint cafes and bars, while you will also find an Antiparos nightclub or two if you are interested in more stimulating entertainment.

Apart from Antiparos nightclubs and bars, visitors are also offered a inexhaustible number of tavernas and restaurants that serve the delicious local cuisine of Antiparos Island. Upon sitting at your table, scan the menu for fresh fish and grilled octopus, and meat dishes such as wild rabbit stew and goat meat in a red sauce. You may also want to try a glass or two of the famous Antiparos tsipouro, which is fairly strong and should be sipped, even though it is served in a shot glass.

While on vacation in Antiparos Greece, visitors have the unique opportunity to attend several wonderful traditional festivals. On May 7, the Agios Ioannis of Spilitios Festival takes place at the entrance of the cave of Antiparos. Small treats are offered and the dancing goes on for hours. On June 23 and 24 in Antiparos Town, visitors can participate in the Festival of Ai Giannis, which is held in the Castle and revives the tradition of kleidona. The 3-day Festival of Agia Marina, on July 15-17, also takes place in Antiparos Town, with dancing, singing and feasting. September 7 is the day when Panagia Faneromeni Church celebrates. In order to attend this festival, you have to take a tour boat to the southern tip of Antiparos Island, where the church is located.

Antiparos Sites & Attractions

Antiparos Greece has a lot to offer its visitors in terms of sights and attractions. The most famous of the Antiparos sites is the Antiparos Cave, which has a splendid collection of stalactites and stalagmites. Thousands of people arrive on Antiparos just to admire this natural wonder cave, the only vertical cavern in Europe. Many historical figures have visited the cave of Antiparos, including the poet Archilochos, the Marquee de Nouadel and King Otto. Evidence of these visits can be seen in the cave of Antiparos, from the inscriptions and plaques on the cave walls. From various findings, it is known that the cave in Antiparos was used in ancient times.

Apart from the Antiparos Cave, the island is also home to a Venetian Castle, which is located in the center of Antiparos Town. The castle, which now lies in ruins, was built in the early 1440s and gave its name to Antiparos Town (which is also known as Kastro).

Opposite Antiparos Island is the small isle of Despotiko, which visitors can reach by tour boat. On Despotiko there is an exquisite Archaic religious center, with the remains of temples and graveyards. It is believed that the Olympians Apollo and Artemis were worshipped on this island. While vacationing in Antiparos, it is worth visiting Despotiko for a few hours.

Antiparos Weather - Antiparos Climate

The climate of Antiparos is sunny and warm, and similar to the climate of many of the other Cyclades Islands. Antiparos weather cools down only in the winter, and even then it is temperate. Whatever the season, you should always have a light jacket because Antiparos weather, like the weather on other islands, can be chilly at night. Rain is not common, making it ideal for vacations all year round.

The winter months of January to March are mild, with temperatures ranging from 11°C to 13°C. Antiparos weather in April and May is very pleasant, as temperatures are in the mid teens to the low 20s. Summer is the most popular season on the island, as Antiparos weather becomes perfect for lying in the sun and soaking up its rays. Summer temperatures range from mid 20s to low 30s. The weather is still wonderful in autumn, as temperatures are usually in the mid teens. November and December weather in Antiparos cools down, as temperatures reach the low to mid teens.

In July and August, the prevailing “Meltemi” wind cools down the hot days in Antiparos Greece.

Ferries to Antiparos

To reach Antiparos Island, catch a ferry boat from Piraeus Port in Athens to Paros Port, and from there to Antiparos by ferry from Parikia or Punta Port. Ferry boats to Antiparos via Paros Island are quite frequent, and make stops at a number of other Cyclades Islands on the way. We suggest booking your ticket in advance when travelling by ferry to Antiparos in the peak summer season, especially if you have a car or want to book a cabin. Boat fares to Antiparos depend on the season, but are generally fairly reasonable.

You can also travel to Antiparos Island via Paros by airplane from the Athens Airport to Paros Airport, and then by ferry from Parikia or Punta Port on Paros to Antiparos Port. Ferry boats from Paros to Antiparos depart on the hour in the morning and every hour and a half in the evening. Many visitors choose to visit both Paros and Antiparos during their vacation, spending a few days on each island.

So, if you are not a fan of the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the much-frequented islands and you are looking forward to spending your vacations at a serene and secluded island of unique beauty, opt for the magical Antiparos.