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Map of Syros Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece  
Syros Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Syros Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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Syros: the aristocratic Greek Island

Syros is known as the dame of the Cyclades Cluster, the capital of the islands. It is one of the most unique vacation spots in Greece. Its nobility and grandeur are apparent throughout the island, due to its picturesque squares, impressive neoclassical buildings and exquisite manors. Once the most significant port and cultural center in Greece, Syros takes present visitors back to its heyday.

Syros is one of the few islands in Greece that are fully operational all year long, because it has a large number of permanent inhabitants. The inhabitants of Syros are extremely hospitable, and welcome visitors with open arms and warm smiles. Many of the inhabitants run tourist-related businesses, including Syros accommodation in hotels, studios, apartments, bungalows, rooms for rent, and suites. If you are looking for Syros Island activities, exploring the sites, visiting museums, swimming at beaches and dining and dancing should keep your days quite full.

Syros has a rich history and has played a major role in Greece throughout the ages. There are many superb sites to visit on the island, from monuments and museums to natural areas and charming villages. We suggest taking a tour of the Syros villages, including Ermoupolis, Ano Syros, Galissas, Possidonia, Vari, Phinikas, Kini and Megas Gialos. Syros beaches offer visitors the opportunity to soak up the warm sun rays, on soft sands, in a serene environment.

If it's a unique and elegant island holiday spot you are looking for, Syros Greece is the ideal place!

Syros Hotels

Syros hotel accommodation is of excellent quality and caters to all types of holidaymakers. Whether you are coming to Syros with your significant other, family or friends, Syros hotels can satisfy all your needs. You will have a selection of Syros luxury hotel resorts, apartments, suites, studios and rooms for rent of all categories and styles.

The majority of Syros hotels are in the popular seaside resorts of the island. Most vacationers choose to stay in Syros hotels in Ermoupolis, Possidonia, and Galissas. Possidonia and Galissas are favorite places due to their wonderful beaches and nightlife venues. Both settlements have a very good selection of Syros hotel rooms, apartments and bungalows to choose from. If you are a nature lover, we recommend the Syros campgrounds on Galissas Beach.

Syros Beaches

The island of Syros Greece is a fantastic spot to relax under the rays of the Aegean sun. There is a wide variety of beaches in Syros, and you will definitely find a few that meet your needs. What is most remarkable about Syros beaches is that even the crowded ones are not too packed.

On the western side of Syros, you will find some of the island's best beaches. Southwestern Galissas is a long stretch of sand, sheltered from the wind and lined with tamarisk trees. On the southern coast of the island is the Syros beach of Phinikas, which is another sheltered beach with trees and water sports facilities.

On the southern tip of Syros is Possidonia Beach, a long beach that is very popular due to its infrastructure, shady trees and clear waters. Nearby are the lovely beaches of Agathopes, Komito and Ambela, where you can find a quiet spot to relax. In the same area, you will come across the beaches of Megas Gialos, with pristine sand, green trees and a splendid view. On the northwestern coast you will find the attractive Delfini Bay, a popular beach with crystal waters and golden sand.

Vari Beach, situated on the southeastern coast, is a sheltered beach that is a favorite of families, with soft sand and very clean water. Travelling northwards towards Ermoupolis is Azolimnos Beach, which is a small, but very lovely beach with dazzling water.

Syros Nightlife - Syros Events

If you are looking for nightlife in Syros, your best bet is Ermoupolis, Galissas and Ano Syros. Ermoupolis and Galissas have all types of nightlife venues, such as bar, dance clubs and live music halls where Greek singers perform. Ano Syros is famous for its tavernas with live rembetiko music, keeping the tradition set by Markos Vamvakaris, the master of rembetiko, who was born in the town. Almost every settlement in Syros, Greece provides guests with seaside cafes, as well as traditional tavernas, ouzeries and restaurants, as for example in Possidonia, Vari, Phinikas, and Kini. We recommend some of the marvellous local delicacies, including stuffed kalamari, stuffed cabbage with raisins, crab salad, Syros sausages, “strapatsada” (scrambled eggs with feta cheese and chopped tomato), a variety of luscious philo dough pies, cuttlefish with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and more. After your meal, you can clean you palette with scrumptious chalvadopita, the celebrated sweet of Syros, Greece

If you are keen on taking part in some traditional festivals and fairs of Syros Island, we suggest attending the cultural events that take place in Ermoupolis, Ano Syros and Posidonia during the summer months. Dancing performances, concerts, art exhibitions and contests of various kinds are just some of the events that comprise these festivals. You can also attend the religious fairs in Kini and Vari on August 15, which honor the Virgin Mary, or the fair of Agios Stefanos on the last Sunday in August in Galissas.

Syros Sights & Attractions

Syros Island has always been a significant center, ever since ancient times, throughout the Roman and Byzantine Eras and during the Ottoman occupation, mainly due to its strategic location in the center of the Cycladic island cluster.

In Ermoupolis, visitors have the opportunity to tour the splendid neoclassical and Ionian style buildings. Ermoupolis has a wonderful aristocratic air about it, and is quite different from other Cyclades Islands capitals. Take your trusty Syros map and start exploring the capital, strolling though Miaouli Square to admire the City Hall, the Cultural Center, the Historical Archives Building and the ‘Apollon' Theater, a replica of the Scala of Milan, which is located behind the Cultural Center. It is also worth visiting the splendid churches of the Transfiguration of Christ, Agios Dimitrios, Evangellistria, the Assumption of the Virgin, Trion Ierarchon and Agios Nikolaos Ploussios. Some of the finest historical artefacts of Syros, Greece can be seen at the Archaeological, Cycladic Art and Industrial Museums, while there is also an excellent Art Gallery in Ermoupolis.

Next stop is Ano Syros, which is situated northwest of Ermoupolis on the hill of San Tzortzi. Ano Syros is famous for its medieval character, with houses built on narrow, ascending streets. A walk though Ano Syros is an amazing adventure. The town is accessed by marble steps, so be prepared for a bit of climbing. Apart from its unique charm, the main attraction of the town is the Church of Agios Georgios (otherwise called San Tzortzi), while the Monasteries of the Jesuits and the Capuchins are also splendid. You don't need to be a music aficionado to appreciate the Museum of Markos Vamvakaris, one of Greece 's most important Rembetiko composers, who came from Syros Island.

You sightseeing tour of Syros continues will visits to the Cave Church of Agios Stephanos and the Ancient Site of Galissos in Galissas, the Ancient Graves in Chalandriani and the Ancient Site of Kastri, which is a 45-minute walk from Chaladriani.

Syros Weather – Syros Climate

The climate of Syros is typically Mediterranean, with sunny and warm summers, and temperate winters. These weather conditions make Syros a wonderful holiday destination all year round. The fact that rainfall is infrequent means that Syros beaches are always dry and perfect for sunbathing. Spring and autumn are superb months for vacationing in Syros, as temperatures are pleasant and nature is lush.

From January to March, temperatures on Syros Island range from 10°C to 15°C. The temperatures in April and May are higher and range between 14°C and 24°C. The months of June, July, August and September have the best conditions for holidays, as temperatures range between the mid 20s to the mid 30s. Syros weather in October is still very pleasant, with temperatures from low to mid 20s. If you come to Syros in November or December, you should expect temperatures that range from the low to the mid teens.

The Meltemi wind blows in Syros Greece in July and August, cooling the hottest days of the year. Fortunately, Syros has many beaches that are sheltered from the wind, allowing visitors to enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Ferries & Flights to Syros

Travelling to Syros, Greece is quite easy, as the island is the capital of the Cyclades cluster and a major commercial hub of the region. There are direct flights to Syros Airport from Athens Airport. If you are living abroad and want to travel directly to Syros without stopping at Athens Airport, you can book a seat on one of the many charter flights to Syros from a number of European countries. The majority of British visitors book charter flights from the UK to Syros Island. There are also Syros flights from many islands in the Cyclades, making it a great holiday destination for island hoppers. Flights to Syros cater to all budgets, with both first-class and cheap flights to Syros Airport.

Ferries to Syros depart from Athens ( Piraeus Port and Lavrio Port ), as well as the majority of Cyclades Islands, NE Aegean Islands and Dodecanese Islands. There are ferries to Syros every day. Departures are very frequent during the summer months, when tourism is at its peak. You can find a variety of sea vessels travelling to Syros from Athens and the other islands (conventional ferries, high speed boats, hydrofoils). This means that high and low ferries fares are offered, depending on the time of the year and the kind of boat you are travelling on.