Evrytania Prefecture
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Map of Evrytania Prefecture, Central Greece  
 Evrytania Prefecture, Central Greece
 Evrytania Prefecture, Central Greece
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In the heart of the magnificent country of Greece, the preferential district of Central Greece dominates in majesty conquering all. Among the non-identical prefectures that compose this divine piece of land, creating a beautiful icon, the prefecture of Evrytania is considered to be one of the most dazzling jewels of the greater region. Gifted with sheer natural beauty and carved with immaculate grace, the traditional and picturesque prefecture of Evrytania is an ideal destination for your winter vacations, due to the fact that the mountainous beauty of the landscape is breathtaking.

The prefecture of Evrytania, located in the center of the country of Greece, borders with the prefecture of Karditsa in the north, the prefecture of Fthiotida in the east and the prefecture of Etoloakarnania on the southwestern part. The inhabitants of the prefecture of Evrytania are approximately 24.300 while there is a carefully tailored road access to the surrounding areas.

The prefecture of Evrytania, which seems to have been touched by a divine hand, pulses with numerous scenic settlements of unique beauty. The scenic village of Agia Triada, the mountainous village of Domnitsa, the traditional village Krikello and the tourist center of Proussos adorn the marvelous landscape in a special manner that shall definitely bedazzle you.

However, among the aforementioned settlements, the capital of the prefecture, the cosmopolitan and picturesque town of Karpenissi prevails. Throbbing with pine trees, chestnuts and firs, the superb skirmished settlement is considered to be the ideal winter resort of the country of Greece. Situated on the southern slopes of the mount Velouhi, Karpenissi has a much frequented ski center and several organized shelters for the fans of mountain hiking.

All over the impeccable prefecture of Evrytania you will be able to enjoy multifarious winter sports such as skiing at Velouhi or Kaliakouda, walking at Helidona, rafting at the river Aheloos, kayaking at the lake of Kremastes and mountain biking at Kaliakouda. As soon as you get acquainted with the prefecture of Evrytania you will realize the reason why is considered to be the “Switzerland” of Greece. Apart from the winter sports, the prefecture offers innumerable sightseeing, interesting museums, archaeological sites, sacred monasteries and old churches that are worth visiting.

The appeal of the attractive Evrytania is constantly on the increase but at the same time the prefecture remains untamed, untrodden and secluded and that is an amalgam that shall enchant you.