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Map of Thessaloniki Prefecture, Macedonia, Creece  
White Tower, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
Thessaloniki Prefecture, Macedonia, Greece
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The famous prefecture of Thessaloniki pulses with multifarious interesting elements, such as archaeological and historical monuments, amazing natural sites and settlements, hospitable inhabitants with unique mentality and an enviable lifestyle that shall definitely impress you.

The prefecture of Thessaloniki, which belongs to the greater geographical district of Central Macedonia, borders with the prefectures of Kilkis and Serres on the north and northeastern side, the prefectures of Emathia and Pella on the western side, Halkidiki on the south and southeastern side, while on the south there is the Thermaikos Gulf and on the east there is the Strymonikos Gulf. The prefecture of Thessaloniki has approximately 950.000 inhabitants.

The town of Thessaloniki, the capital of the prefecture, is the second largest town and the co-capital of Greece. Gifted by history and nature and being a modern and organized town at the same time, at Thessaloniki you will find everything that you may need, from archaeological findings, to holiday resorts and innumerable entertainment centers of every kind. The imposing tower Lefkos Pyrgos at the waterfront of Thermaikos Gulf, the magnificent church of Agios Dimitrios, the round old sanctuary Rotonda, the historical quarters Ladadika, which was converted in an entertainment complex, are only few of the most interesting sightseeing of this very promising town.

All over the prefecture, apart from the renowned town of Thessaloniki, you will also find numerous superb resorts. Panorama, skirmished on the slopes of the mountain Hortiatis, is an incredible settlement with beautiful villas, lush verdure and unique view. Perea, a coastal summer resort, Stavros, a coastal idyllic village with sycamore trees, running waters and amazing view, Agia Triada, one of the most organized tourist resorts, the much frequented coastal settlement Asprovalta etc. are ideal destinations for your holidays.

Thessaloniki, one of the most gifted prefectures of Greece, is definitely worth a visit.