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Map of Leros, Dodecanese Islands  
Leros, Dodecanese Islands
Leros, Dodecanese Islands
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Leros Island, Greece

Admire the unique natural setting of the Island of Artemis.

Leros, the island of the Olympian goddess Artemis, is a small fertile island in the Dodecanese Cluster. It is characterized by its endless natural beauty, as it is full of sandy beaches, lush rolling hills, charming coves and green valleys.

Leros Greece is situated between the islands of Patmos and Kalymnos. It covers an area of 53 sq. km, has a coastline of 71 km and a population of approximately 8,500 inhabitants.

Leros is especially admired and visited by people who wish to spend their vacations in a beautiful natural environment, embraced by soft sands and leafy green hills. It attracts many visitors during the high season, but is also ideal in the spring and autumn, when nature is at its loveliest.

Explore the treasures of Leros Island, Greece and spend a unique vacation experience!

Leros, Greece Hotels

Leros Greece has many attractive settlements, most of which have very good tourist infrastructure, with many Leros hotels, apartments, rooms to rent and studios, catering to a visitor's every need and particular preference.

Whatever type of Leros accommodation you may choose, it is certain that you will be provided with excellent services and accommodating, up-to-date facilities, while the friendly and helpful stuff will give you the sense that you are at home.

For further information about Leros accommodation in hotels, apartments, rooms to rent and studios, click here.

Leros, Greece Beaches

Leros offers its visitors a wide range of exquisite beaches, supreme for moments of relaxation in the sun, water sports and lots of swimming in crystal-clear water. The majority of Leros beaches are pebbly, but the island possesses sandy beaches, as well, while several of the beaches are well-organized constituting relaxation on their shores more than delightful. For scuba-diving lovers there are scuba-diving schools and many of the beaches are excellent options for underwater explorations. For more information about Leros beaches, click here.

Leros, Greece Nightlife & Events

Leros, Greece offers remarkable nightlife entertainment for all tastes, as entertainment venues range from bars and clubs to all-day cafés and restaurants, as well as live music halls. You can spend relaxing moments enjoying your afternoon coffee or ice-cream, go for an evening walk and dine in a seaside taverna or restaurant or you may even dance the night away in one of the bars and clubs offered in various settlements. The most popular settlements for nighttime entertainment are Alinda, Pandeli, Lakki and Agia Marina.

If you are interested in the traditional aspect of Leros entertainment, you can attend one of the various traditional festivals or cultural events, which attract both tourists and locals all year round. Kindly click here, to view some of the events and festivities organized on the island.

Leros, Greece Sightseeing

The island of Leros boasts a plethora of sightseeing attractions from various eras, reflecting its rich historic past. If you love touring around during your vacations, we suggest some wonderful attractions that are worth visiting. Please click here to read more about Leros attractions.

Leros, Greece Weather & Climate

Leros is characterized by temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winter and warm and dry summer time, constituting the island ideal for pleasing vacations, ensuring lovely moments enjoying the sun, the sea and outdoor, seaside activities. Even during spring and autumn, Leros Island is supreme for long or short getaway trips, as its sunny weather guarantees a pleasing stay all year round.

How to Get to Leros, Greece

If you are planning to spend you holiday on Leros, there are various ways of reaching the island. You can travel by plane from the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” to Leros Airport or by ferry boat from various Greek ports. Fore more information about transportation to Leros kindly click here.
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