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Map of Serres, Macedonia, Greece  
Serres, Macedonia, Greece
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Serres, a prefecture gifted with exceptional natural beauty, unique archaeological sites and impressive historical monuments, is considered to be an ideal venue for your holidays, especially during the winter season. Serres, an extremely developed prefecture, as far as tourism is concerned, attracts many visitors, due to, among other allurements, the important cultural events that take place all year round.

The prefecture of Serres is a part of the geographical district of Eastern Macedonia, and it borders with Bulgary and F.Y.R.O.M. in the north, the prefecture of Drama in the east, the prefecture of Kavala on the southeastern, the prefecture of Thessaloniki and the prefecture of Kilkis in the west. It has approximately 193.000 inhabitants.

Serres, the capital of the prefecture, is a modern town and the commercial center of the greater region. However, it remains an interesting destination as it pulses with archaeological sites, scenic churches and monasteries, traditional villages, museums, natural sites and the ski center Vrontous.

Wandering around the prefecture of Serres, you will come across various beautiful settlements. Agia Eleni, a village famous for the custom “Anastenaria” (walking on coals), Alistrati, a hamlet gifted with a magnificent cave and an imposing canyon as well as the village Amfipoli, which is located at the archaeological site of the ancient town of Amfipoli. Moreover, the tobacco village Gazoros, the village Kerkini, close to the homonymous lake, the village Monoklissia that is famous for its traditional customs, the tourist resort Nea Kerdilia, the agricultural hamlet Neos Skopos, the range of Nigrita and the beautiful border town of Sidirokastro, are definitely worth a visit.