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 Magnesia, Thessalia
Magnesia, Thessalia
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Prefecture of Magnesia

Throughout the magnificent Greek landscape, among the numerous beautiful prefectures, the renowned prefecture of Magnesia prevails due to the fact that it is considered to be an all year much frequented tourist region, as it is the ideal destination for both your summer and winter vacations. The coastal and mountainous natural beauty of the scenery in combination with the several archaeological sightseeing that are interspersed all over compose an irresistible icon rendering Magnesia an interesting region.

The prefecture of Magnesia, which is a part of the greater district of Thessalia, is located on the southeastern part of the district. Additionally, it borders with the prefecture of Larissa on the north and the west and the prefecture of Fthiotida on the southwestern part, while on the eastern side there is the Aegean Sea and on the southern side the Pagasitikos gulf. Moreover, the prefecture of Magnesia has 198.500 inhabitants.

The newly built Volos, the capital of the prefecture of Magnesia, is a cosmopolitan town, a commercial port, an industrial region and one of the major towns of the country of Greece, while at the same time it emits a sense of picturesqueness. In addition, Almyros, the second largest town of Magnesia, is also regarded as an important center of the prefecture.

Milies, Hania, Argalasti, Velestino, Zagora, Makrinitsa, Portaria, Tsagarada, Horefto, Afissos, Vizitsa are some of the most beautiful villages of the prefecture of Magnesia, some of them skirmished on a mountain, some of them built at the foot of a hill and some of them situated along a beautiful coast. Bewitched by the amazing beauty of the natural surroundings as well as by the great human creations, the marvelous beaches, the verdurous plains and the imposing mounts as well as the magnificent stone built mansions, the small squares and the uphill alleys, shall win you over.

At the coastal villages of the prefecture you will be able to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and several water sports in summer, while during winter time, at the mountainous villages and at the mount Pelion, you will have the chance to enjoy hiking, skiing and other outdoor sports and games.

Combining the mountainous and the coastal element, the prefecture of Magnesia, a region of intense alternations, is considered to be one of the most picturesque and interesting regions, ideal for spending your summer and your winter vacations as well.