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The Holy Island of Patmos, Greece
A surprising Greek Island holiday spot!

Patmos Greece, the island of the Holy Grotto of the Apocalypse, is a small island belonging to the Dodecanese cluster. It is characterized by its spiritual aura and its contrasting natural features such as sandy beaches, valleys, rock formations and hills.

The island of Patmos Greece has been inhabited since Prehistoric Times. During the Roman Period, it was a land of exile and it was here that St. John the Theologian, during his exile, wrote the Apocalypse, known also as the Book of Revelation. As Christianity spread throughout the world, Patmos began to develop into a center of religion, with many Christians finding refuge on the island and as a result, Patmos Greece increased both its commercial and intellectual aspects.

Patmos Town (Hora) is a medieval town built around the Monastery of St. John the Theologian. The town is quite beautiful and is comprised of whitewashed houses, grand manors, splendid small squares, a number of churches and narrow alleyways. Skala is the port and capital town of Patmos Island and is the busiest settlement on the island.

Patmos Hotels

While planning your Patmos holidays, you can select the Patmos hotel accommodation of your choice from a wide array of Patmos hotels, studios, apartments and rooms for rent. Patmos Island Greece abounds with hotel accommodation for visitors of all types and budgets. There are Patmos hotel apartments and villas for families, Patmos studios and rooms for rent for couples and Patmos honeymoon suite accommodation for romantic nuptial trips.

Patmos hotels are available in the stunning seaside settlements, such as Grikos and Skala, as well as the hillside villages. The seaside Patmos hotels offer a breathtaking sea view, while the hillside hotels offer a taste of the traditional life of Patmos, Greece. For more information about Patmos Hotels, click here.

Patmos, Greece Beaches

Patmos Island has some of the cleanest sea waters in the Aegean, with numerous pebbly and sandy beaches. Some Patmos beaches are popular and organized, while others are quiet and secluded, providing visitors with several options, depending on their needs and preferences. Get hold of a map of Patmos Greece, spot the beaches around the island and get ready to discover them. For more information about Patmos beaches, kindly click here.

Patmos, Greece Nightlife & Events

In Skala and the other settlements, you can find a wide variety of shops and entertainment venues such as night clubs, bars, tavernas and restaurants, where you can relax and enjoy yourself till the wee hours of the morning. If you are interested in learning more about Patmos nightlife, click here to read more.

Patmos, Greece Sightseeing

There are various excellent places to see on your Patmos tour if you are fond of sightseeing during your vacation. Get a map of Patmos and visit the wonderful churches and museums in Patmos Town (Chora), Grikos and Kambos, as well as the ancient sights in the rest of the island. There are also Patmos travel agents  providing travellers with useful information about attractions in Patmos and also organise daily trips, excursions and many other activities with professionalism and ultimate care to your needs. For more information about Patmos attractions kindly click here.

Patmos, Greece Weather & Climate

Patmos Greece has an excellent climate, just like the rest of the islands in the Dodecanese cluster. The weather in Patmos is mild throughout most of the year, except winter, when rainfall is quite common. In summer, Patmos weather is typically Mediterranean; warm and dry, with sunny skies, while the temperature of the sea is comfortable from spring to fall.

How to Get to Patmos, Greece

You can travel to Patmos by ferry boats or high-speed boats that depart from Athens (Piraeus Port). High-speeds and ferries to Patmos are frequent, especially in the summer, when tourism on Patmos Island is at its peak. There are trust-worthy Patmos travel agents offering a wide range of integrated services to Patmos travellers, including air and boat fares, also providing you with useful information about travelling to Patmos. Click here to find out more about Patmos travel agents.

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