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Arcadia, Peloponnese
Arcadia, Peloponnese
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Arcadia Prefecture

Arcadia Greece:
Around the year destination both for nature lovers and seaside fans

Arcadia (Arkadia) lies in the centre of Peloponnese and comprises the largest and one of the most preferential prefectures in Peloponnese, as it stretches from its mountainous centre to the eastern coast constituting ideal destination not only for winter but also for summer vacations. It is an area with unique natural beauties that are rarely met and enchants visitors with the succession of images that change from wonderful woody landscapes, fertile plateaus and picturesque settlements with charming stone-built houses to pristine secluded beaches, historical villages and ancient sites inundated with monuments.

If you visit Arcadia (Arkadia) during winter time we suggest that you stay in one of the scenic mountainous settlements with the lush vegetation and the fountains with clear running water. The most popular villages are Vitina, Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Karitaina, Orchomenos, well known for its trout farm at the springs of Melanas River, Kastanitsa, as well as Kosmas, Levidi, Agios Petros, Laggadia, which are of unparalleled beauty. In the mountains Mainalo and Parnonas there are wide areas covered with fir trees, cedars, planes, chestnut and walnut trees and herbs, well known for their beneficial qualities. The steep mountain slopes form deep canyons through which mythical rivers flow, such as Lousios, Ladonas, Alfeios and Melanas River. You can follow the beautiful routes that will take you from one settlement to the other, where you can admire the old style churches and pebbled alleys that take you away to a different era when you stroll around. These traditional settlements bustle with life as they are frequented by people who want to spend a weekend away from the city relaxing, enjoying a trip around the historical monuments or practicing skiing on the Mainalo Mountain ski centre.

If you find yourself in Arcadia (Arkadia) Greece during summer months you may wish to stay in one of the beautiful seaside settlements that are popular with tourists for short or long vacations, offering all kinds of facilities one might need. The most famed Arcadia Greece settlements towards the sea are the historical town of Astros and Paralio Astros. Paralio Astros is amphitheatrically built on the mountain slope along the seaside offering great view to the sea. This settlement combines the island atmosphere and the traditional village architecture due to the beautiful beach, the traditional tile-roofed houses and the narrow stone-paved streets. Leonidio is another beautiful residential area nearby the sea, and has presented significant tourist development recently as it’s a beautiful, protected settlement combining fertile cultivated lands and the beautiful beach Plaka with its picturesque harbour. Tyros Beach is another seaside settlement ideal for tranquil getaways in a uniquely stunning setting.

Arcadia Accommodation (Hotels, Suites and Apartments for rent)

As Tripoli and the whole of Arcadia Greece constitute round the year holiday destinations and commercial centers, visitors are not only tourists that need a break from the hectic everyday routine but also people that travel there for business. Thus, Arcadia Greece offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from hotel apartments, rooms and suites for rent, not only in towns such as Tripoli or Megalopoli -another big town of Arcadia- but also in all mountainous traditional settlements and scenic coastal villages, offered for a special, relaxing vacation.

If you planning to stay just for a couple of nights in Tripoli due to business or other engagements, it is certain that you will spend moments of rest or creative work in convenient spaces in any of the Arcadia Greece hotels.

Arcadia Local Products

Locals take advantage of the fertile soil of Arcadia (Arkadia) Greece by cultivating lands with orchards, by producing vegetables such as the delicious egg-plants of Leonidio, and other products such as olives, extra virgin olive oil, honey, wine, dairy products, traditional hand-made pasta and sweets, such as “kourabiedes”, nuts, such as fresh chestnuts and walnuts, and herbs from the local mountains, such as tea, oregano, thyme and lots more.