Samos Island
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Map ofSamos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece  
Samos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece
 Samos Island, NE Aegean  Islands, Greece
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Discover wonderful beaches, verdant landscapes and impressive monuments in Samos Greece.

Samos, mostly famous for the production of wine from antiquity until nowadays, is an extremely verdant island, full of olive groves, pinewoods and vineyards. Moreover, the extended beaches, the crystal clear waters and the traditional settlements, interspersed all over the beautiful landscape, compose a charming icon, rendering the island of Samos an ideal resort for your vacations.

The island of Samos belongs to the N.E. Aegean Islands cluster, is situated at the Aegean Sea and is located at a very close distance to the Turkish coastline. Samos or Vathi, the capital and the port of the island, is outspread at the cove of a large gulf. Built amphitheatrically, this is one of the most beautiful insular towns. The neoclassical buildings and the mansions, the sacred churches, the picturesque old town with the uphill alleys and the traditional houses, create a magnificent image.

Touring around the island of Samos, apart from the very promising capital, you will also come across various interesting settlements. Agios Konstantinos, a much-frequented traditional village, Vourliotes, a verdant village famous for the production of wine, Karlovassi, the most glorious resort of the island, Pythagorio, an ideal tourist resort, Kerveli a scenic fishers’ village with the popular Kerveli beach, as well as Kokkari, Mytilini, Marathokambos, Pyrgos, are only few of the most interesting destinations of Samos, all with magnificent beaches nearby. Check out a map of Samos Greece to view the exact location of the various villages and beaches, and start planning your trips around Samos.

The island of Samos is considered to be a perfect choice for your holidays if you are interested in combining your ecological with your paleontological interests and wish to unwind in serene locations enjoying the sun and the sea.

There is a good number of Samos hotels for your accommodation in most of the towns and villages around the island. You may select among Samos hotel apartments, studios and villas to rent, all providing the amenities you are looking for for a relaxing and carefree stay. If you wish to explore the island and discover all its beauties go for a reliable Samos car rental from one of the local agencies and be ready for unique experiences.