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Karpathos Island, Greece

Discover the beauties of an unknown paradise

Karpathos, an island ideal for peaceful vacations, has an exceptional landscape beauty, due to the fact that it pulses with picturesque beaches and has many morphological alternations, as the southern part is plain, while the central and the northern part are mountainous, composing a peculiar and yet interesting icon.

The island of Karpathos belongs to the Dodecanese Islands cluster and is located at the southern part of the cluster, very close to Kassos Island. Karpathos covers an area of 301 sq. km., has a coastline of 160 km and 6.500 inhabitants. The highest mountain of the island, Kali Limni, is 1.215 meters high.

Karpathos or Pigadia is the capital and the main port of the island where the imposing rock with the ruins of the acropolis prevails. Apart from the capital, the island of Karpathos comprises of numerous other interesting settlements. Ammoopi, Makris Gialos and Lefkos, three tourist resorts with amazing beaches, Aperi, the old capital that is a cultural settlement with many sightseeing attractions and Arkassa, an impressive settlement of natural beauty, are worth visiting. The amphitheatrically built and picturesque village Menetes, Mesochori, which is hanging above the sea offering superb view to the sunset and the sea, as well as Othos and Olympos, two traditional mountainous villages in the heart of the untamed scenery, shall definitely enchant you.

Explore the magnificent island of Karpathos and relish an unforgettable experience!

Karpathos, Greece Hotels

Karpathos is the second largest island of the Dodecanese cluster and thus offers a wide variety of accommodation options around its seaside resorts and mountainous villages, satisfying all tastes.

On the Island of Karpathos you will find from hotel rooms and studios to villas and apartments, providing guests with a variety of comfort amenities and services, which guarantee a carefree and enjoyable stay, while the experienced staff will astound you with its friendly and helpful attitude throughout your stay.

Whether you pick a waterfront hotel room or studio in one of the Karpathos seaside resorts or a rental room or apartment in one of the hillside complexes offering amazing seaview, your Karpathos vacation will remain graven on your mind.

Karpathos, Greece Beaches

Karpathos Island possesses numerous beaches and charming coves for all tastes that you will need a long stay to discover them all. Tourists' favorites are the popular beaches of Ammo´pi, the wide sandy stretch of Lefkos, Agios Nikolaos and the beach at the gulf of Pigadia. Windsurfers definitely opt for the waves of the Agrilaopotamos beach to enjoy their favorite sport. If you are looking for idyllic settings, turquoise waters and lovely pebbly or sandy shores, make sure you go swimming at Apella, Kyra Panagia, Makris Gialos, Lakki and Fokia, ideal for hours of swimming and sunbathing.

From Pigadia, tourist caiques depart to the wonderful beaches of Kyra Panagia, Apella and Ahata, which can be otherwise approached by car through a dirt road. From Diafani you can catch one of the tourist caiques, which will transfer you at the secluded little paradises of Agios Minas and Forokli.

Karpathos, Greece Nightlife & Events

You will spend romantic and relaxing evenings out on the Island of Karpathos, since it is an island preferred by tourists who need to loosen up and relax in a quaint environment. In the popular tourist resorts, such as Ammoopi, Makris Gialos, Arkasa and Lefkos, as well as at Pigadia, the Capital town of Karpathos, you will find sophisticated bars and cafes.

You will find an abundance of taverns and restaurants in every settlement around the island and you will be charmed by their traditional characteristics and the delicious meals they serve. Do try "makarounes" a hand-made pasta dish, fresh fish dishes, local pies and meat dishes, such as "vyzanti" (rice-stuffed lamb).

In Karpathos a plethora of festivals and traditional fairs with dances and food take place all year round. In Aperi, August is full of festivities in honor of Sotiras (Jesus Christ) on the 6 and Our Lady on the 15 and on the 23. Also, the cultural club "Omonia" organizes traditional festivities with singing and dancing.

Karpathos, Greece Sightseeing

Karpathos is a gem of the Dodecanese cluster and apart from its natural beauty it offers remarkable sights to be visited and admired. At the beautiful settlement of Pigadia with the traditional houses, you will see the ruins of the acropolis, the church of Agia Kyriaki, the ruins of the Paleochristian basilica of Agia Fotini, the pine forest and the cave of Poseidon.

In Aperi, at the area of Volada you can admire the ruins of the three castles. In Arkasa, the Paleochristian basilica lying literally on the sand will amaze you, while in Lefkos, you can see the rescued parts of the Acropolis. The scenic settlement of Mesochori constitutes an attraction itself, as it is hanging on the cliff right above the sea, presenting visitors with unparalleled view of the sunset and boasting charming traditional houses, consisting of three attached constructions, namely the big house, the small house and the brick-built oven. It is a miraculous and uncommon sight that you should see.

Karpathos, Greece Weather & Climate

The climate of Karpathos Island is similar to that of the rest of the Dodecanese Islands, characterized by temperate winter and warm, dry summer. Although, rainfalls are not uncommon in the Dodecanese cluster, in Karpathos they are restricted. The Meltemi wind blowing throughout July and August is ideal for windsurfing and constitutes the weather pleasing for spending endless hours on the beach.

How to Get to Karpathos, Greece

You can travel to Karpathos, Greece by plane or ferry boat. There are regular plane flights from the Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" to Karpathos, as well as from Kasos Island and Rhodes Island if you are the island hopper type. Also, there are charter flights during the peak season from various European airports.

If, on the other hand, you prefer sea journeys, you can travel to Karpathos by ferry boat from Piraeus Port, as well as from specific Dodecanese Islands, such as Kasos, Rhodes, Kastelorizo, Chalki, from Mykonos and Milos of the Cyclades Islands, as well as Crete.

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