Paros Island
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Map of Paros Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece  
Paros Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Paros Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
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Paros Island A glimpse of a Greek Island holiday paradise!

Paros Island is located in the center of the Cyclades Cluster, in the Aegean Sea, Greece, surrounded by sparkling azure waters. It is a land that combines traditional island features and breathtaking scenery, enchanting every visitor and making it one of the most attractive holiday spots in the Aegean Sea.

The breathtaking island of Paros Greece, full of areas of stunning natural beauty, long, sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, impressive landscape and hillsides ideal for exploration, is truly a holidaymaker's paradise. Throughout Paros there are exquisite monuments that offer guests the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the island. Paros Greece attracts thousands of visitors every year and has become a cosmopolitan resort with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, including nightlife venues, travel agents and car rental agents. If you are looking for a Paros hotel, there is a very wide selection of Paros hotels, suites , studios , apartments , villas and rooms for rent in Paros that will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Parikia, the beautiful capital and main port of Paros Island Greece, is characterized by both contemporary and traditional architecture. Naoussa, the popular and charming coastal settlement on the north side of Paros, is one of the most stunning towns in the Cyclades. Visitors can explore Paros, travelling through the quiet seaside villages of Piso Livadi, Dryos and Aliki, very picturesque mountain villages such as Lefkes, Marpissa and Kostos and the exciting beachside resort of Punta. To truly experience this enchanting land, we recommend acquiring a map of Paros Island and touring the lovely mountain villages and seaside settlements.

Spend your holiday in Paros, Greece and it will remain in your heart and memory forever!

Paros Hotels Greece

The island of Paros Greece is sure to provide every visitor with the Paros hotel accommodation of their choice. The variety of Paros hotels is endless, including luxury hotels, suites, studios, apartments, villas and rooms to rent in Paros for all budgets and tastes. Any Paros hotel you may select, you will be provided with first rate service and feel the authentic Cycladic hospitality like nowhere else.

The best hotels in Paros are located in the seaside resorts of Naoussa, Parikia and Piso Livadi, most of which offer a magnificent view of the deep blue Aegean and easy access to beautiful beaches, shops and nightlife venues.

For more information about hotels on Paros Island Greece, including luxury hotels, discount hotels, studios, suites, apartments, rooms to rent, and villas in Naoussa, Parikia and Piso Livadi, or on Antiparos Island, located opposite Paros Island, click here for Paros Hotels.

Paros Beaches

The sheer number of beautiful beaches on Paros is amazing. The island is a favourite of sunbathers and water sports aficionados alike, as many Paros beaches have soft sand, perfect for lying endless hours under the warm Aegean sun, as well as beaches that have the ideal weather conditions for windsurfing, waterskiing and other water sports. Click here to get more information about the wonderful beaches on Paros Island.

Paros Nightlife & Events

One of the most attractive features in Paros Greece is its nightlife. Most of Paros' nightlife venues are located in two settlements: Parikia, the capital of Paros, and Naoussa, the picturesque fishing port on the north side of the island. If you want to experience exciting moments on Paros Greece, click here and get informed about nightlife and the various kinds of entertainment available in Paros.

Paros Sightseeing & Attractions

Paros Island Greece is famed for its fine archaeological sights and wonderful attractions that keep tourists' schedule rather busy as they are all worth a visit. Apart from Paros, the island of Antiparos offers interesting attractions, as well as Despotiko Isle, nearby Antiparos. For more information about sightseeing on Paros Island, click here.

Paros Weather & Climate

Paros, similarly to other Cycladic Islands, has the ideal climate for pleasant holidays, enjoying the sun, the sea and outdoor activities. Click here to learn more about Paros weather and climate.

Flights & Ferries to Paros, Greece

Travelling to Paros from Athens is easy and you can be transferred either by ferry or plane. Either way, the trip is short and the regular plane and ferry departures make Paros a beloved destination in the Aegean. For further information about flights and ferries to Paros Island Greece, click here to be directed to our Paros Travel Agencies' page. You may be provided transfer from the port or airport to your Paros hotel, so check with the hotel reception upon reservation.