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 Argolida, Peloponnese
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Argolida Greece: a magnificent destination packed with amazing historical sites and pristine beaches

The Prefecture of Argolida, Peloponnese is a fantastic holiday destination, as it possesses one-of-a-kind ancient and historical sites, breathtaking natural beauty, and enchanting beaches. Argolida Greece is a multifaceted prefecture, with very picturesque towns and traditional villages, which also have a contemporary atmosphere; a fusion that is simply irresistible. This guide of Argolida Greece travel information will help you decide where to book your accommodation and what to do during your stay.

The prefecture of Argolida Peloponnese is a favorite vacation spot for history aficionados and nature lovers. While in Argolida Greece, travelers have the opportunity to stroll through the charming town of Nafplion to visit its ancient and Venetian castles, and to admire the panoramic view offered from both these historic monuments. Tolo Argolida is the perfect place for those who want to spend their holiday lying on marvelous beaches, exploring the lush terrain, and visiting sites such as Mycenae, Nafplion, and Ancient Epidaurus.

Argolida Greece is a great destination for family holidays, as it has a very well-developed tourist infrastructure, including excellent hotels in Nafplion, Tolo and many other areas. All the ancient sites, such as Mycenae and Ancient Epidaurus, are easily accessed, and the Argolida beaches are organized and sheltered.

The Peloponnese is famous for its delicious cuisine, which you should definitely try while vacationing in the Argolida Prefecture. There are many traditional tavernas and restaurants throughout Argolida, especially in the quaint alleyways of Nafplion. For your evening entertainment, Nafplion and Tolo offer a wide selection of nightclubs and bars for all tastes.

While planning your vacation in the Argolida Prefecture, you will find a plethora of apartments, rooms for rent and hotels in Nafplion, Tolo and other towns, covering all price ranges. The prefecture of Argolida is a popular holiday spot all year round, meaning that there are excellent Argolida hotels in both seaside towns and lush, hillside villages.