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Map of Kos, Dodecanese Islands  
Kos, Dodecanese Islands
Kos, Dodecanese Islands
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Kos Island, Greece
The Dodecanese Island of great natural beauty and rich history

Kos is a lovely island located in the Dodecanese cluster, in the southeastern Aegean Sea region. It is the third largest island in the cluster and is one of the most frequented holiday spots in Greece, receiving thousands of visitors form Greece and abroad every year.

The most prominent features in Kos Greece are the historical buildings and ancient sites dating back to the Mycenaean Era, the Hellenistic and Roman Periods, up to the Medieval and Byzantine Eras. Breathtaking natural beauty is also an impressive characteristic of Kos Island, extending from the verdant hilltops down to the golden sandy beaches.

The most attractive village in Kos Greece is its capital town, which is also called Kos (or Kos Town to distinguish it from the island). A stroll though Kos Town is a treat, allowing visitors to admire the Medieval Castle, the ancient town ruins and the avenue with the palm trees. A visit to the other villages in Kos Greece is also a must. Many of them are quite picturesque, such as the seaside resorts of Kardamena, Mastichari, Marmari, and Tigaki, and the inland villages of Kefalos, Antimachia, Pyli, and Asfendiou.

Come experience Kos Greece, the beautiful, multifaceted island that has something for everyone!

Kos, Greece Hotels

You can be certain that in Kos Greece visitors will find the type of accommodation that suits their particular needs, especially in the popular vacation resorts where Kos hotels are in great abundance, making it easy to find accommodation for families, groups of friends and couples. Click here to read more about Kos Hotels.

Kos, Greece Beaches

Kos has some of the best beaches in the Dodecanese. There is a wide variety, catering to all tastes. Visitors can find busy beaches packed with sunbathers and popular beach bars, as well as quiet beaches, secluded from the crowds. Several beaches in Kos Greece have shallow water, making them ideal for families with small children. Other Kos beaches are hot spots for water sports lovers. A good map of Kos will show you the location of all the best beaches. For more information about the spectacular Kos Beaches, click here.

Kos, Greece Nightlife & Events

Nightlife in Kos, Greece is stimulating and exciting. Whatever type of entertainment you prefer, you will definitely find it on Kos Island. The most lively night time entertainment is located in Kos Town, Kefalos, Kardamena, and Tigaki, where you can find anything from quiet cafes and bars to hopping clubs and live music halls. All kinds of musical tastes are satisfied, from jazz and blues to techno, rock and contemporary Greek. For more information about entertainment in Kos kindly click here.

Kos, Greece Sightseeing

If you are a history aficionado, Kos, Greece is a wonderful place to enjoy visiting monuments and ancient sites. Kos Town is the best location to start off, but there are fine archaeological sites and exquisite attractions all around the island! We recommend purchasing a good map of Kos Island before embarking on your tour, which will give you the opportunity to discover this beautiful island. Click here for more information concerning Kos sightseeing.

Kos, Greece Weather & Climate

The climate of Kos is similar to the rest of the Dodecanese Islands, with typical sunny summer days and mild winter days. This marvellous climate makes Kos, Greece an excellent vacation destination throughout the year. The island has its fair share of rainfall during the winter, contributing to its lush vegetation.

How to Get to Kos, Greece

Travelling to Kos, Greece is a piece of cake, as it is a major tourist resort, as well as an island with a significant population all year round. You can travel to Kos Greece either by ferries from the ports of Piraeus, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli or catch flights from Athens Airport and Thessaloniki Airport. From Kos Island you can also visit the other Dodecanese Islands, some Cyclades Islands, some N.E. Aegean Islands, and Crete. For more information about ferries and flights to Kos, click here.

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