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Santorini Hotels - Budget & Luxury Santorini Hotels, Santorini Hotel Accommodation in Santorini Greece

  Santorini Lodging - Hotels on Santorini Island, Greece  

Dreaming of your upcoming vacations in a picture-perfect setting?

Make Santorini Greece your next island destination and discover the unprecedented beauty of this volcanic island with the magnificent scenery!

This Santorini Hotels Guide is the perfect starting point of your vacations. Wonder why? It provides you with integrated, up-to-date information about accommodation in Santorini Island (Thira as locals call it) Greece in top Santorini locations along with information that will come handy during your holiday in Santorini.

A visit to Santorini can only be a life-time experience! It is a unique island, the only one with an inhabited volcanic caldera and along its rims you will find a pretty good amount of Santorini hotels, apartments, studios, villas, luxury suites, rent rooms, exceeding your every expectation. True, you are bound to find the one that suites you best.

Is it the first time you are travelling to Santorini Greece and have no idea where to start from in your search for accommodation?

Check out your options among the various Santorini locations providing great Santorini hotels, hotel apartments, studios, villas, luxury suites, rent rooms and select the one matching your own needs and preferences.

Akrotiri Hotels

Seeking of a private retreat for you and your beloved ones nearby the impressive Red Beach and the imposing ancient site of the long-lost Minoan City?  At the settlement of Akrotiri in the southern coast of Santorini Greece you will discover beautiful Santorini Hotels with all comforts of home to thoroughly unwind away from masses. Even more you will have the chance to give your vacation the educational twist you want to without parting with lovely Caldera views.

View Akrotiri Hotels.

Fira Hotels

The Capital of Santorini is your best bet if you are looking for smashing Caldera and sunset vista from your hotel accommodation. Stay in one of the Fira Santorini hotels and you will have it all besides first-rate accommodation; endless promenades in the winding alleys, infinite shopping options in wonderful boutiques, stimulating nightlife and great dining experiences are expecting you at the popular and uniquely picturesque settlement of Fira.

View Fira Hotels.

Imerovigli Hotels

Imerovigli is a quaint settlement, the so-called the “Balcony of Santorini” due to its spellbinding vista of the volcanic islets and the majestic sunset. Can you sense the feeling of looking at those soul-stirring views from your Santorini hotel? It is definitely the perfect choice for couples and newlyweds who wish to relax in the lap of luxury and relish a unique vacation or honeymoon experience not too far from the capital yet in a tranquil area.

View Imerovigli Hotels.

Kamari Hotels

Kamari lies on the eastern part of Santorini and is celebrated for its unique black beach. It is one of the most cosmopolitan settlements with a great deal of fine hotels. It is the ideal choice not only for families who wish to be nearby the sea but also for the youth who love exciting nights-out at the many bars of the area. The black beach of Kamari is very well-organised with sunbeds, umbrellas, sports facilities and a great array of restaurants and cafés. View Kamari Hotels.

Oia Hotels

Oia is one of the most enchanting settlements you will ever visit, as it stands out for the unique architecture of the houses and captain’s manors, the quaint alleys, the magnificent caldera-rim cafés and restaurants and of course its finest quality Santorini hotels, which will be your romantic haven for your summer break or your honeymoon. Their most amazing feature besides high-class facilities and lux amenities is their smashing Caldera and sunset vistas.

View Oia Hotels.

Perissa Hotels

The settlement of Perissa is a Santorini hotspot for seaside and sports aficionados, as it boasts a long stretch of black shingle, diving schools, water-sports facilities and a water park, plus a good number of restaurants and bars. Nearby the black beach of Perissa you will discover a great variety of Santorini hotels to choose from, ideal for families, groups of friends or couples who wish to unwind at the seafront.

View Perissa Hotels.

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