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Santorini Weather, Climate & Temperatures in Santorini Greece



In the summertime, the weather in Santorini Greece is hot and dry. In the afternoon, sunbathers and sightseers should have a good sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of water with them due to the intensity of the sun. On summer evenings, because of the cool breeze coming from the sea, we recommend a light jacket. In the winter, Santorini Island weather is mild.

From January to March, temperatures in Santorini Greece range from 12C to 13C. It warms up in April and May, when temperatures are 17C and 19C respectively. During June, July, August and September, the weather in Santorini Greece becomes hot and the temperature ranges from low 20s to low 30s. October weather in Santorini Greece is still warmish at low 20s, but as November and December arrive temperatures begin to drop and range from low to high teens.

The prevailing winds in Santorini Greece are the Sirocco in the spring and the Meltemi in July and August.