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Caldera Santorini

 Santorini Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Dreaming of stimulating vacations filled with soul-stirring images taken out of story books?

Or perhaps looking for the ultimate romantic destination to spend a perfect honeymoon?

Make Santorini Greece your next island destination and see up-close one of the most fabulous wonders of nature.the mystifying Santorini Caldera!

The uniqueness of Santorini Greece lies at its volcano, probably the only on earth with its Caldera right in the sea! The current shape of Santorini Island, as well as the volcanic islets in the middle of the Santorini Caldera were created due to immense volcanic activity in a span of 20,000 years after some 12 destructive explosions.

Each fierce volcanic eruption caused the collapse of the volcano's central part, thus leading to the creation of its crater -the Santorini Caldera-, resembling a huge lagoon, whose depth in the centre is about 400 metres.

The renowned Minoan explosion occurred during the Minoan years (3,600 years ago) and was one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions. It covered in ashes and hot lava not only the surrounding islets of Thirassia and Aspronissi, but also Thera (Santorini) and its prehistoric settlement in Akrotiri, which is nowadays one of most popular Santorini sights.

The eruptions that followed brought to light the islets of Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni, lying in the middle of the Caldera and being two of the youngest islets in the Mediterranean basin. They were formed between 434 and 57 years ago by the lava gushing from the volcano, which recreated itself all over again, after each explosion.

Nowadays, while the volcanic giant is in deep sleep, the magnificent Santorini Caldera Greece attracts travelers from the four corners of the world, witnessing its wild beauty creating most intense feelings.

The steep-walled Santorini Caldera Greece with its 25 metres long steep slopes and breathtaking cliffs, called "gremna" by the locals, truly amaze travelers. Is it because of the stark white houses nestled on the Santorini Caldera cliffs, adorning this reddish-grey bulge of rock and lava? Is it due to the enchanting vista from the Caldera to the Santorini Volcano and the sky hued in the colors of the most magnificent sunset in the world? Probably both, but there are many more reasons why the Santorini Caldera is so well-loved!

The quaint settlements perched on the rim of the Santorini Caldera cliff and on hilltops of the imposing bulge of cold lava are real masterpieces due to their inspiring architecture. Add the Caldera, volcano and sunset panorama unfolded before your eyes and the upscale selections for dining, shopping and going out and you have the hottest spots of the Aegean right on a volcano crater! Isn't that amazing?

From the picturesque Oia in the northern part of Santorini, down to Imerovigli, the so-called "Balcony of the Aegean", to Fira -the capital of Santorini- and Firostefani lying almost in the centre of the Caldera, up to Akrotiri on the southernmost tip of the Santorini Caldera Greece, the views are smashing! These settlements are your best bet if you are dreaming of romantic long walks with your significant other along narrow alleys. Gaze at the countless blue-domed chapels and restored captains' manors breathing out a sense of past centuries harmoniously blended with the authentic Cycladic tradition and you will be carried away.

Stay in one of the elegant Santorini hotels perched on the Caldera cliffs or select one of those fine traditional-style cave houses and you will not only luxuriate in their lavish amenities, but you will also thoroughly relax and be pampered by their hospitable staff, making your stay a unique experience. Most Santorini Caldera hotels offer luxury rooms and honeymoon suites providing ultra comfort and amazing amenities, including cave-like swimming pools, jacuzzi tubs and luxury restaurants and pool lounges where you can unwind, gazing at the Santorini Caldera panorama!

A Santorini trip, however, would never be complete unless you try one of those daily trips and private cruises around in the mysterious Santorini caldera basin, giving you the chance to view the settlements from a distance and get acquainted with the volcanic islets. Usually, boats set off late afternoon from the old port and take you back in the dusk, after the sunset, so that you can admire it aboard the ship in the arms of your significant other. All-inclusive holiday packages provided by expert travel agents are your best bet, as they are arranged to the last detail according to your special needs and preferences in terms of accommodation and activities, including such tours and private cruises.

Santorini is the island making the difference in the Aegean Sea, so take the chance to discover it to witness its incomparable grandeur! For more information about Santorini Island, kindly click here.