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Stelida Naxos Hotels, Stelida Holidays, Sightseeing, Nightlife & Beaches in Stelida Naxos


Stelida Naxos

If you are looking for peace and quiet during your holidays in Naxos, you might want to stay in Stelida, Naxos. It is a seaside resort off Naxos Town with a relaxing atmosphere, a lovely beach and many nice Stelida Naxos hotels for your accommodation.

Stelida Beaches
Stelida features a beautiful sandy beach, plus it is ideally close to the most popular beaches of Naxos, Agia Anna and Agios Prokopios, which is considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. Watersports, beach bars, cafes and many other seaside facilities are available there, ideal for carefree Stelida holidays.

Stelida Sightseeing
Benefit from the short distance of Naxos Town from Stelida for some sightseeing. Naxos Town is renowned for its Venetian castle or else "Kastro", where you can walk around the arched stone paved alleys and admire the traditional mansions, visit the archaeological museum, and don't miss going to Portara, the gate of the unfinished temple of Apollo.

Stelida Nigntlife
Alhtough Stelida is a serene place, while staying there you can take advantage of its close proximity to Agios Porkopios and Naxos Town. Both are renowned for their busy and stimulating atmosphere, the nice restaurants, the cafes and bars for all tastes.

Stelida Naxos Hotels
Stelida features quite a few Naxos hotels and provides rooms for rent, studios, apartments and villas for travelers who are looking for a comfortable and relaxing stay.