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Naxos Town Hotels & Info

Once you visit Naxos Town you will instantly feel you have travelled into the past, when castles were built to protect the island from pirates' invasions. Since then many centuries have gone by and many things have changed, yet this fairy-tale feel and medieval atmosphere still exist and take over visitors when strolling into the castle. Beautiful little shops, nice restaurants, busy cafes, cosy bars, traditional Naxos Town Hotels and quite a few museums can be found surrounded by the walls of the castle, making Naxos Town the perfect place to explore and spend your holidays at. Outside the castle or Kastro, as it is called, nearby the port there is a quite busy waterfront esplanade, lined with cafes, restaurants, tourist shops etc, a good spot for an afternoon walk by the sea or for your breakfast.

Beaches in Naxos Town
If you wish to spend the day in Naxos Town or if you have selected one of the local Naxos Town Hotels, you can go swimming to the sandy organized beach of Agios Georgios, west of Naxos Town. The beach features water sports, cafes, restaurants and anything else you may need for a day at the beach.

Nightlife in Naxos Town
There are plenty of things to do in your Naxos Town evenings. You can select one of the good restaurants or tavernas in the old town or nearby the port, have an ice cream in the waterfront, enjoy your cocktail in one of the atmospheric jazz bars or dance the nigh away in one of the live music clubs. There is literally something for everyone in Naxos Town.

Sightseeing in Naxos Town
While in Naxos Town one thing is certain; you can never get bored, as there are many interesting things to see and do. Apart from the Venetian castle where you can stroll in the stone paved alleys and admire the imposing gates and the lovely architecture of the buildings and mansions, you can also visit the Archaeological Museum with interesting exhibits, as well as the Venetian Museum. Don't miss visiting Portara, that huge gate of the Apollo temple which was never completed, the little church of Our Lady "Panagia Myrtidiotissa" by the port and the Cathedral Zoodochos Pigi, with the beautiful marble icon stand.

Naxos Town Hotels
Naxos Town is one of the most popular destinations on Naxos, due to its marvelous Old Town, which amazes visitors. There is a plethora of Naxos Town Hotels, not only in the Kastro district but also all around the town, even towards the beaches of Naxos Town, providing high-standard accommodation in Naxos Town hotel rooms, apartments, studios for all tastes and budgets.