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Naxos is an island with a rather vivid nightlife and a wide array of options concerning entertainment and dining. At Naxos Town, where the heart of the island beats you will find a plethora of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes or an afternoon coffee or ice-cream. There are also many bars, clubs and live music venues, where you can dance the night away and relish your favourite drink.

Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna also offer a good selection of bars and cafes, catering to all types of visitors. Apollonas is famous for its fishing port with its many tavernas and ouzeries that serve delicious fresh seafood dishes and small cafes from where you can admire the colorful fishing boats.

Other Naxos villages, such as Plaka and Stelida have several wonderful cafes and bars by the beachfront. The mountain villages of Eggares and Apirathos provide traditional tavernas and cafes that are located in picturesque squares beneath lush trees.

Learn about the traditions of Naxos Island Greece by participating in the local events and festivities. The most popular Naxos events are the summer festival in Naxos Town, which includes performances by various artists and musicians, and the Dionysia Festival, which offers Naxos music, art and athletic events. In the 16th century Bazeos Castle, located just outside the capital, a variety of cultural events and themed activities are held every year from July to September, enabling visitors to participate in the fun and admire the wonderful 16th century architecture. Lovely festivals are held during the summer in Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Apirathos, Koronos and Filoti.