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If you are longing for a vacation that will give you the opportunity to break free from everyday routine in a dreamlike setting with fantastic beaches, picturesque landscapes, more than exciting nightlife and friendly, open-minded people, then the Island of Mykonos is the place to be.

With the heart of the island beating at Chora or Mykonos Town, your best bet when you step foot on the island is to find your way to one of the Mykonos Town hotels Greece that will best accommodate your needs and preferences. You will find a great variety of Mykonos Town hotels Greece including hotel apartments, studios, suites and hotel rooms for any taste and budget, ensuring that you will have the time of your life on the “Island of the Winds”, as people call it.

If you wish to have a splurge, even just for once in your life, there is a plethora of luxury hotels in Mykonos Town offering elegantly decorated hotel apartments, studios, suites and rooms, lavish amenities and up-to-date facilities that come up the expectations of the most demanding client. Furthermore, the experienced and discreet staff in all Mykonos Town hotels Greece will absolutely cater to your every wish with professionalism which suits VIPs. Luxury hotels in Mykonos Town also welcome numerous newly weds who desire to spend their honeymoon on an island which combines romanticism and cosmopolitan atmosphere with the grace offered in luxury Mykonos Town suites.

Several Mykonos Town hotels Greece provide accommodation in (Chora) Mykonos Town in a gay friendly environment, since there are no taboos on Mykonos Island. Gay friendly Mykonos Town hotels offer a range of hotel apartments, studios, suites and hotel rooms to pick the one that you prefer the most. You can take advantage of the location of the various hotel rooms and pick the type of accommodation in (Chora) Mykonos Town that offers the most spectacular view of the Aegean.

All Mykonos Town Hotels Greece have the unique advantage of providing visitors with accommodation in (Chora) Mykonos Town one of the loveliest settlements of Mykonos. Luxury hotels in Mykonos Town, as well as hotel apartments, studios and suites are at very close proximity to some of the liveliest clubs and bars of the island, the fanciest restaurants and the most amazing sights. Accommodation in (Chora) Mykonos Town also allows you to have fast and convenient access to all exquisite Mykonos beaches, where you can spend hours of swimming, sunbathing and doing water-sports or even join one of the beach parties that take place in many Mykonos beach bars.

If you wish to spend the vacation of your lifetime in one of the top summer holiday destinations worldwide, relishing the pleasures that Mykonos Town hotels Greece spare, book your plane tickets in good time and fly to your dream!