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Mykonos Island, Cyclades Islands, GreeceThose who have their own boat can travel across and visit Delos, the impressive sacred island of Apollo, only 6 miles from Mykonos.

On the south-western part of the island there are also the islets Prassonissia and on the south-eastern part the islet Ktapodia.

In the wonderful Panormos bay, on the northern part of Mykonos you will find the scenic islet Marmaronisi.


Mykonos Island, Cyclades Islands, GreeceThe textiles weaved by local women on the loom are very popular to tourists.

You can also find wooden boats and windmills, traditional local sweets, drinks and cheeses, like the famous "kopanisti" of Mykonos.

Furthermore, there are many branch shops selling products of famous firms in fashion, cosmetics and jewelry.