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Mykonos Island, Cyclades Islands, GreeceAre you getting married and haven’t decided on your honeymoon destination? Have you ever considered the island of Mykonos Greece? Known throughout the world as one of the most exciting and romantic islands, Mykonos is a paradise for newlyweds. Long sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, amazing views, stimulating nightlife, and high-quality Mykonos honeymoon accommodation; what else could you wish for?

Imagine spending your honeymoon in Mykonos Greece, strolling through the whitewashed houses and the narrow alleyways in the evening, taking in the sunset at dusk and having a romantic candle-lit dinner or partying in the evening. By choosing a Mykonos honeymoon, you have the opportunity to take nonchalant walks on beautiful sandy beaches, relax in the warm sun and swim in the cool waters with the one you love.

Mykonos Greece is one of the prime destinations in the world, catering for a wide variety of tourists, including newlyweds. For this reason, you will find a fine selection of Mykonos honeymoon suites throughout the island. Most honeymoon suites in Mykonos Greece are specially decorated to add to the romantic atmosphere of the occasion. Special amenities and services are provided for those staying in Mykonos honeymoon suites, such as plush bathrobes and slippers, champagne, fruit, four-post beds with frilly curtains, and more. If you are on your honeymoon in Mykonos Greece, rest assured that you will pampered by the management and staff of the Mykonos honeymoon hotels you are staying in.

A favorite activity of couples on honeymoon in Mykonos is a short cruise around the island, and a trip to the marvellous isle of Delos, which is located opposite Mykonos. Sailing through the Aegean Sea is a one-of-a-kind experience that should be shared during this most special trip.

Another wonderful aspect of honeymooning in Mykonos Greece is the amazing photos you will take with your significant other: golden sunsets on the Aegean Sea, with you in the foreground, or lounging on your spacious veranda of your Mykonos honeymoon suite, admiring the endless horizon, or azure water lapping the golden sands while you’re enjoying the warm Aegean sun. These unforgettable moments of your Mykonos honeymoon are unique, just like the island of Mykonos Greece.