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Andros Island, Cyclades Islands, GreeceThe Vassilis and Eliza Goulandri Foundation organizes every summer at the Museum of Modern Arts exhibits of international stature. The Petros and Marika Kydonaeus Foundation organizes modern art and musical fairs mostly known as "Ploes".

The yacht club of Andros founded in 1975 the international open seas sailing of Faliro-Andros-Faliro under the initial organizer, John B. Goulandris. The races are an annual event since their origin, taking place on the last weekend of August every year. The sailing races attract numerous spectators each summer. Occasionally, the antique car races take place which also attract numerous enthusiasts.

The dance festival of the Musical society is given every June. The Development Societies of the island entertain traditionally with Ballo (a local island dance) and Ouzo (the renowned Greek spirit) festivities in the summers.

There are many Andros festivals going on during the summer in Gavrio and the rest of the villages in northwestern Andros:

  • in St Peter on the 29th of June
  • in Makrotandalo on the 17th of July
  • 6th of August
  • 15th of August
  • and the 23rd of August,
  • in Vitali and Gavrio on the 17th of September
  • andin Ammoloho on the 15th of August.

* In these festivities, you become part of the Andriot spirit, with food, wine and music from the local folk music players.

The "Gavriotica" is the crowning touch to the summer festivities. The event involves games, folklore exhibition, and folklore feasts at Gavrio Beach with wine, kakavia (a delicious fish soup) and Fourtalia is an omelette made with local sausages.

The Carnival of Gavrion Andros, which takes place the last days of the Carnival festivities, is a traditional feast you should not miss.

Locals will treat you the traditional Andriot Pastries: Amygdalota (almond liqueur crispy cookies), Kaltsounia (walnut and local honey sugar covered pastry), and pasteli.