Milos Island
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Sightseeing in Milos Greece

Welcome to Milos, a versatile and particular piece of volcanic land in the south Cyclades islands. Here you will become one with the sun on the glorious golden sand, just before you enter the deep blue waters of the clean sea.

The hospitable locals will help you around the island where you will get to go on an interesting Milos sightseeing tour, including the famous Christian Catacombs in the village Klima, unique site in Greece and the second largest of its kind in the world.

We also recommend visiting the Archaeological museum in Plaka, the capital of the island, which houses a replica of the famous statue of Aphrodite, and the Folk museum, one of the most beautiful in Greece .

In Klima, you should visit as well, the ancient theater, where during the summer you will get the chance to attend a theatrical show and admire the view of the Aegean.

Just outside the village Apollonia, you will find the archaeological site, where three towns were built between 2300 and 1100 BC and also the Papafraga Cave, an extraordinary place, which you can visit with a boat.

A Milos sightseeing tour easily proves why it is called "the island of colours" . When the golden, even white, sand on the wonderful beaches stops, it is followed by vertical brown, grey or white steeps, diving in the deep blue and green waters, creating narrow passes and reappearing again in a small bay, floating on the calm sea.

And among this elevation of scenic images, the painting is completed by the white houses with their colourful gardens, found in the villages of Milos, perhaps the most beautiful sight you will witness during your to stay on Milos.