Milos Island
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Useful Travel Information of Milos Island Greece

You can get to Milos Greece by airplane from Athens Airport . There are daily flights, the trip lasts 45 minutes and the plane lands at Milos Airport , 4,5 km from Adamas. You can also get to Milos by ferry boat from Piraeus Port (5 hours direct trip, 8 hours with intermediate stops).

In Milos , Greece there are plenty of roads that connect the island's villages. You can rent a car or a taxi from Milos Port , from Adamas and from other villages. There is also bus service (KTEL) that to many villages, providing a well-organized transportation network.

Important Phone Numbers
Port Authority +30 22870 23360 or 22870 22100
Police +30 22870 21204
Tourist Police +30 22870 21204 or 22870 21378
Port Authority of Piraeus +30 210 422-6000
Olympic Airways of Athens +30 210 936-3363
Olympic Airways of Milos +30 22870 22380 or 22870 22381