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Milos History

Milos island has been a very important center of the Cycladic culture and has undergone a great deal of development due to its safe natural harbor and its rich subsoil. Plentiful obsidian deposits were found all around the island, which the inhabitants of Milos sold to Crete and the rest of Greece for the construction of weapons and tools.

According to Milos history, after the Peloponnesian War the Athenians destroyed the island. During the Hellenistic period is flourished once more, at the time when the famous Aphrodite of Milos was constructed. In 1820, a farmer discovered the statue near the ruins of a roman theatre.

At that time a French battle ship anchored in Milos Greece and spread the news to the French Embassy in Constantinople . The French accomplished through their ambassador to bring the statue in Paris , just before it was supposed to be transferred to Athens . Today the famous statue of Aphrodite is situated in the museum of Louvre and you can find a copy of it in the archaeological museum of Milos at the capital Plaka.