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Tolo: a scenic resort to relax and unwind in the sun

At a distance of 10 km from the romantic city of Nafplio you will get acquainted with the beautiful seaside settlement of Tolo (Tolon) Argolida Greece. This area is flooded with tourists especially in summertime, as it possesses wonderful sandy beaches which offer organized facilities, restaurants and cafés giving the sense that you are on an island.

Tolo (Tolon) boasts very good tourist infrastructure offering hotel apartments, bungalows and rooms for rent all around the area as well as very close to Tolo beach, giving tourists a plethora of accommodation options ensuring a relaxing stay in Tolo (Tolon) Argolida Greece. The Tolo seaside restaurants offer delicious local delicacies comprising of meat dishes, fish and seafood satisfying all tastes. We suggest that you accompany your meal with some great Argolida wine.

The Tolo beach stretches from the one side of the Tolo bay to the other and is one of the most well-organized with lots of facilities around and of course beautiful clear waters, ideal for families with children, as the beach is sheltered and the waters are calm. If you own a boat you can anchor at the harbor and you will have the chance to sail towards the islets Daskalio, Koronisi right opposite Tolo beach and Romvi, where you can see the relics of a fortresses dating back to the Middle Ages. If you wish to take a swim at these islets but you don’t own a boat, you can be transferred there in one of the caiques available for tourists.

Tolo is ideal for relaxing holidays and may easily become your starting point to explore the whole of Argolida prefecture and get to know Nafplio, Argos, Anicent Epidauros, Mycenae and many other beautiful towns and settlements.