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Argolida Weather Greece | Climate and Temperature in Argolida (Argolis) Peloponnese Greece





Argolida Weather Greece

The weather in Argolida (Argolis) Peloponnese Greece is fairly mild all year round, contributing to its popularity as an all-year-round holiday destination. The summer weather in Argolida is extremely pleasant, sunny and cool, while the winter weather is temperate, with infrequent rain. Temperatures in the mountainous regions of Argolida Greece can be low, especially during the deep months of winter, and it may snow on the mountain tops.

The seaside towns of the prefecture have ideal weather, particularly during the summer, as the breeze comes from the sea. The inland towns have cooler weather, which may become chilly on summer evenings. Wherever you choose to stay, Argolida Greece hotels are fully-equipped to handle varying weather conditions.