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Tripoli, Greece: The historical capital of Arcadia

The historical town of Tripoli constitutes the capital of Arcadia (Arkadia) Greece, which due to its privileged location managed to become the most significant town in Arcadia (Arkadia) Prefecture. Tripolis City in Arcadia was built on a fertile plateau in an altitude of 655 meters and is home to approximately 25,000 residents. Tripoli (Tripolis) accommodates visitors all year round in many of its hotel apartments, rooms and suites for rent, since visitors come to Tripoli not only for vacations, but also for business trips.

Tripoli (Tripolis) is widely known for the key-role it played during the National War of Independence in 1821, since it comprised a military and administrative centre, used to be called Tripolitsa. Nowadays, Tripoli (Tripolis) Greece has rendered into a commercial, agricultural junction of Peloponnese, offering all up to date facilities and public services to its inhabitants and boasting a combination of wonderful well-preserved buildings of neoclassic architecture with newly-built constructions, big squares and traditional churches. Visitors to Tripolis, Arcadia Greece should definitely see the important attractions and in town museums, as well as visit the neighboring archaeological sites of Tegaea and Mantineia, where they can also stop by the archaeological and the folk museum and the ruins of the ancient settlement, respectively.

Tripoli, Arcadia Greece is renowned for the tasty traditional meat dishes offered in the local restaurants such as stew, skewed lamb, kokoretsi (skewed lamb’s liver wrapped with intestines and slowly roasted), which you can combine with excellent Mantineia wine. Other local products are yoghurt, cheese, olives, handmade sweets, a local liquor named “Tipota” and lots more, which you can discover during your visit.