Arcadia Prefecture
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Travel to Arcadia Greece | Travel by Car, Bus or Train to Arcadia (Arkadia) Peloponnese Greece





How to reach Arcadia Greece

Arcadia lies in the centre of Peloponnese, Greece and can be conveniently reached by car, bus and train from Athens. Bus departures are very frequent from Athens and reach Tripoli via the National Highway. Tripoli is 165 km far from Athens and the trip lasts for about 1,5 hour. Intercity buses depart from Tripoli to other Peloponnese towns and vice versa, while there are direct trips to Thessaloniki, as well.

If you prefer to travel to Tripoli by train there are daily departures from the Athens and Piraeus train stations to the Tripoli central station. However, it is really worth travelling to Arcadia Greece in your own car, so that you can reach the remote areas and explore at your own pace the magic natural beauties of its mountains and seaside.