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Arcadia Greece Sightseeing

Sightseeing in Arcadia Greece never ends and you may need to visit the prefecture many times in order to have a complete view of the archaeological sites and the historical monuments. Apart from the prefecture’s natural beauty which could easily become the main reason for visiting Arcadia (Arkadia), Peloponnese, we suggest some of the most popular tourist attractions at which you can take a closer glimpse.

The archaeological sites of Tegaea and Mantineia are a must see when in Tripoli. You can see relics of the Hellenistic theatre, parts of the Agora and altars, in Tegaea, bath complexes and the parliament, all dating back to the Hellenistic and Roman times, in Mantineia, as well as parts of Byzantine settlements and mosaics preserved in churches. In Tegaea you may visit the Αrcheological Μuseum where excavated artifacts dating back to the Hellenistic, Geometrical, Archaic Era are exhibited. In Tripoli, the Archaeological Museum contains interesting exhibits, too, while the Museum of War is separated in sections referring to the various eras of war that the Greek nation went through.

Some highlight attractions and museums in Arcadia, Peloponnese Greece are the luxurious mansion of Herodes Atticus with exquisite sculptures beautiful statues and mosaics with intricate shapes at Eva settlement in Astros, the open air Hydromovement Museum in Dimitsana, the well preserved castle in Karitaina, sample of the French architecture, the monumental bridge of Alfeios River, in Karitaina as well, the ancient city of Megalopolis and the ancient city of Lycosoura with a plethora of relics taking visitors back in time.

The enormous number of churches and monasteries which are scattered around the prefecture constitute a whole separate section of Arcadia sightseeing in Greece and will definitely impress visitors with their traditional architecture that varies in such a way making each one of them look special.

We suggest that you take an up to date tour guide with a detailed Arcadia map that will offer you the information required for places to visit, attractions and museums in Arcadia (Arkadia), Peloponnese Greece.