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Paros Island Greece | Paros Travel & Vacation Guide


Paros  Island, Cyclades Islands, GreeceThe lovely island of Paros Greece has everything you could ever possibly want from a Greek Island. Its typical Cycladic style architecture, beautiful beaches and dazzling blue waters are what you see in the millions of postcards from Greece. So this year, plan your vacation to Paros and see these wonderful features it in person, instead of on cardboard.

Paros Island is an extremely popular holiday getaway, with thousands of people from every corner of the globe. Its attractions are many, such as the picturesque cubic houses, whitewashed with blue shutters, endless sandy beaches and small rocky coves that are ideal for swimming, sunbathing and socializing, a fabulous tourist infrastructure, and some of the most exciting nightlife venues in the Cyclades Islands cluster. Its amazing versatility and spectacular atmosphere make it a wonderful destination for all types of visitors.

Paros beaches are perhaps some of the best in the Aegean Sea. On Paros Island, you will find a beach that is perfect for you, whether you require a quiet, idyllic spot or prefer crowded beaches with suntanned bodies and exciting beach bars, which are one of the major attractions of beaches in Paros Greece. Several beaches are ideal for water sports aficionados, such as Punda, Chryssi Ammos, and Nea Chryssi Ammos. Indeed, international windsurfing championships are held on the island every year.

For visitors interested in sightseeing, Paros Island Greece possesses some very interesting monuments and sites. The magnificent Church of Ekatontapyliani, located in the capital town of Parikia, is the trademark of the island. While on your tour of the capital, we also suggest visiting the ancient sanctuary of Asklipio and the Delion, as well as the lovely churches and museums in the town. Apart from Parikia, you should also visit Naoussa to stroll in the winding streets and see the ruins of the Venetian Castle, the unusual beach of Kolymbithres, the very picturesque villages of Lefkes and Marpissa, and the ancient marble quarries in Marathi.

Accommodation in Paros Island Greece abounds, enabling visitors to book the type of lodging that most suits their needs. You will find discount and tourist class hotels that cater to visitors with a limited budget, as well as luxury hotels and posh resorts that are perfect for visitors who want to splurge during their holiday in Paros Greece. Accommodation units include rooms for rent, apartments, studios, suites and traditional homes to choose from, depending on the size of your travelling company. To find the right accommodation to suit your budget and needs, we recommend searching in a reliable Paros travel and vacation guide.