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Ermoupoli was named after the god of commerce Hermes Kerdoos in 1826. It was also the birthplace of the most important scholars like George Souris, E. Roides, and D. Vikelas, linking the ancient part and the modern part of the history of Syros .

The visitors will find their busts in the capital Ermoupoli, the peaceful creation of the Greek revolution of 1821 and commercial bridge between the East and the West.

Syros , Greece was inhabited since Neolithic years and constituted a very important center of the Cycladic culture introducing its acme during the 6th century B.C., indicating that the history of Syros spans over many centuries. In 1207 A.D. the Venetians appeared in the Cycladic history and in the forecoming years many Catholics arrived on the island having the trade as their main avocation and around 1700 they even outnumbered the Orthodox.

During the Turkish occupation Syros Island was commanded with privileges, because of the catholic population and for the same reason it held a detachment during the fight of 1821. Nevertheless it constituted a refuge for many people from all over Greece who turned to the island in order to survive from the Turkish slaughters.

Ermoupolis, Syros rapidly became the commercial center of the Eastern Mediterranean and soon acquired magnificent churches as well as splendid public and private buildings designed by Greek and foreign architects and decorated in the main by Greek and Italian artists. In 1823 the first General Hospital of Greece was funded in Ermoupoli while in 1833 Neophytos Vambas built the first Greek High school to which very important men went, as El. Venizelos and P. Protopapadakis. The town also experienced a huge commercial and cultural development until the early years of the 20th century and constituted the largest port in Greece before that of Piraeus .