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Syros, the "duchess" of the Cyclades Islands cluster and the "nymph" of the Aegean Sea as we are used to call this superb island, bears an exceptional nobleness that shall enchant you at the very first sight.

Ermoupolis, which is the main port and the capital of the island as well as the capital of the whole Cyclades Islands cluster, is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns of Greece as it is amphitheatrically built and pulses with neoclassical buildings and mansions from another era.

The spacious square with the palm trees, the imposing town hall, the cultural center, the museum, the municipal theater, the historical monuments and the scenic quarters are the main sightseeing of this magnificent town. Touring around the island of Syros you will come across numerous settlements of unique natural beauty, special traditional picturesqueness and hospitable insular mentality, which are spread all around embellishing the already amazing landscape.

Possidonia, Syros Island Information

Homer mentions the existence of two towns in Syros. One of them was located in the area of Possidonia - Finikas. It was the older of the two, was early destroyed and it has also been considered as a Phoenician colony.

The specific location of this town is defined by the remaining of constructions, graces, ancient objects and a necropolis of the Prehistoric era.

Ancient Possidonia, a place where Possidon (God of the sea) was worshipped, was given the name Delagratsia during the Venetian Era due to the small chapel of Madonna Della Grazia. The cave of Rozos with the Mycenean foundings was - according to the legend - a treasures hideout guarded by a fairy.

Ano Syros Island Information
The scenic "Ano Sira" as the locals call this unique village, features walls, narrow streets and arches and preserves its medieval form almost intact through the years.

Among the low ceiling houses we meet the traditional taverns where Markos Vamvakaris and Vasilis Tsitsanis - figures of the folkloric music - used to sing with the company of their bouzouki. Its alleys with the innumerable steps give to the town the charm of a different era. From here you can admire an outstanding view and the sight embraces the Aegean all the way to neighboring Tinos and Mykonos Islands.

During the summer there are often folcloric exhibitions and every two years the visitor enjoys the so-called Apanosyria, which include cultural events, theatrical plays, concerts and lectures. In the numerous taverns you will hear old local songs and taste wonderful appetizers while a bar will always be open for you to enjoy a last drink!