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The remains of the ancient town built in the same position with today's capital and the ruins of the medieval castle built in 1937 are worth visiting . Your Ios sightseeing can continue with a visit to the Archaeological Museum on the ground floor of the Town Hall, as well the museum of Modern Art "Zean Mari Ntro" and the museum of Traditional Art.

Don't forget to visit Homer's grave, who was the most famous poet of the ancient world, at Plakoto on the northern part of Ios Island Greece . This is one of the main attractions of Ios sightseeing.

According to tradition the poet, whose origin is claimed by 7 important ancient cities, during his trip to Athens from Samos Island , descended on Ios where the locals posed him an enigma according to their local customs. When the poet proved unable to solve it, he was killed and buried on the island.

Local Products of Ios Island Greece

Sour cheese and delicious honey are two local products worth tasting and bringing home from the island of Ios .