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Amorgos Island - History of Amorgos Villages & Sightseeing Vacation Guide

  History of Amorgos Island  

Amorgos Island, Cyclades Islands, GreeceScattered ruins all around the island as well as many important findings some of which are found in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens not only denounce that Amorgos was inhabited since prehistoric years, but also that it flourished during the period of the Cycladic culture. Minoa, Arkesini and Aegiali were the three cities that flourished on the island during Antiquity.

During the Byzantine Years, possibly in the 11th century, Amorgos acquired the most important Christian monument, the monastery of Virgin Mary Chozoviotissa that was founded at 1088 by the emperor Alexios Komninos the 2nd.

monastery of Virgin Mary ChozoviotissaThere are remains of even more ancient periods found but the most important ones are the Minoan Gymnasium and the Hellenistic towers of Richti and Agia Triada.

The villages Potamos, Langada and Tholaria in Aegiali, were built at inaccessible mountainous slopes, in order to prevent the pirates' raids in the years of the Turkish occupation.